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3 Magic Questions to motivate your people

My client is new to her leadership role and so I shared the 3 questions she could ask each of her new team members in her first 1-2-1 meeting with them. Why? These questions focus on what is important to the business, the individuals and aligns the leader and employee to both of those goals. This increases motivation, job satisfaction and productivity. Continue reading

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3 great leadership guru videos

We are in the information age and are bombarded with what is available.  So whom should you seek out and follow?  There are 3 great leadership gurus who have written books, write blogs and produced videos. Sometimes it is easier to … Continue reading

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The most important business question

There is one question that has effectively carried through the years in any retail environment.  That same question, however, is equally powerful in any business context.  The question? “How can I help you?”.  Even for a B2B rather than B2C, this still … Continue reading

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Back to business and the meaning of “back” for websites

Happy New Year to everyone.  One of the signs that I am getting to grips with my knowledge of social media is when I moved from simple inputting text into my blog to considering pingbacks, trackbacks and backlinks.  I therefore … Continue reading

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Free Business Tips to Share

The tips this week come from the Highflyingdivas Forum meeting on Tuesday.  As usual, very well attended with fantastic feedback from everyone.  During the event, everyone introduces themselves and shares a tip that they have found useful.  Here are three … Continue reading

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How to Write Your Elevator Speech

I again reflected this week on how you haven’t learnt anything until you have put that learning into action.  This came to me, as I sat in a Marketing Workshop and heard the valuable outline of an elevator speech.  I have … Continue reading

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How to Generate More Value From Client Delivery

Client delivery does not just reap value in terms of fees, further experience and worthwhile productivity.  It also offers further opportunities.  The relationship does not end with the service delivery and the delivery should not end without including these three … Continue reading

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