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How to Write Your Elevator Speech

I again reflected this week on how you haven’t learnt anything until you have put that learning into action.  This came to me, as I sat in a Marketing Workshop and heard the valuable outline of an elevator speech.  I have … Continue reading

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How to Generate More Value From Client Delivery

Client delivery does not just reap value in terms of fees, further experience and worthwhile productivity.  It also offers further opportunities.  The relationship does not end with the service delivery and the delivery should not end without including these three … Continue reading

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Using business tools to develop effectiveness

Most business leaders will know and have used tools such as PEST, PESTLE and SWOT as a useful framework to develop their business strategy.  Some of these tools are equally effective when applied to your own personal effectiveness.  Take the … Continue reading

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3 Key Questions on The Equality Act – are you prepared?

Much press has been given to the Equality Act which comes into force today.  Basically it is an amalgamation of a number of previous acts and legislation.  There are, however, changes and new items for employers to take into account.  … Continue reading

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Tips for effective business networking

These are my key tips learnt from my networking tourism.  1.  “May I join you?” It can be daunting entering a room full of strangers.  Do you stand in the corner trying to catch someone’s eye?  I find that walking … Continue reading

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How to effectively intro your presentation

Very few people are able to stand and talk confidently, clearly and credibly the first time they have to present.  Everyone, even the best conference presenters, have nerves.  In fact, the best speakers need that rush of adrenalin to provide the … Continue reading

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