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Originally posted on On The Money:
Several people have asked me what my top tips are for delivering a better presentation. As it’s a bit of an open ended question.  I hope you don’t mind, but I have segmented the…

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The one question that drives success

Learning and using this one question will save you time, impress your leaders, your team, your clients, your prospects and your suppliers. It will also clearly capture the benefits and actions to achieve those benefits. Continue reading

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Tips for creating business videos

In today’s multi-media world, a business is expected to reach out to its audience using all forms of media channels.  This includes videos and the quickest way to ensure a more professional image is to master a few principles.  Similar … Continue reading

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How to communicate effectively

People like to do business with people who are like them and if you don’ have a relationship, one way you can demonstrate your alignment is by adapting your style to meet your prospect’s preferred communication style.  Of course, you … Continue reading

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A powerful marketing tip

I was listening to the Business Week podcasts on Savvy Selling this week and was reminded of the power of a story for marketing yourself and your business.  Stories bring words to life.  Everyone listens and visualises and a good … Continue reading

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Tips for effective meetings

The Highflyingdivas Forum met this week and again shared tips. Here are 3 of them that will help ensure your meetings are effective and productive. 1. Plan. Where there is a difficult meeting / decision ahead rather than try to win … Continue reading

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Back to business and the meaning of “back” for websites

Happy New Year to everyone.  One of the signs that I am getting to grips with my knowledge of social media is when I moved from simple inputting text into my blog to considering pingbacks, trackbacks and backlinks.  I therefore … Continue reading

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