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How to move your website up the google rankings

Here is a short blog I recently posted in LinkedIn which many have found useful so I am sharing it again.    I attended one of the CDN meetings the other week at which Ashleigh Auld from AuldDigital was presenting … Continue reading

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From Fledgling to Soaring in the clouds of social media

Social media can appear far too complicated, with its acronyms such as SEO, terms such as Google Rankings, keywords and backlinks and tools including bing, hootsuite, Pinit and so on. This blog outlines what I did and found that works. Continue reading

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CRM Recommendations

As your business grows, there comes a time when you need to consider keeping all those contacts in one single place. Why? Creating a centralised database allows you to segment them into marketing, strong leads, proposals, clients, past clients, channel partners and so on. This allows you to put all of your related material against their details and manage them in a regular and professional way. It becomes more critical as you take on associates and employees. Many of my clients first think of the large branded CRM (customer relationship management) software providers, however, there are some recommended lower-cost options. Setting up and using one of these allows you to develop and “play” with a system, developing a better understanding of what you really need before investing. Continue reading

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Getting the right balance of KPIs

Key performance indicators are an accepted term for businesses. The challenge has always been how to develop enough to support the measurement and management of your business, whilst avoiding creating so many that the collection and analysis feels like another business in itself. During my time as the Head of the Benchmarking Centre of Excellence at KPMG, I would advise my clients on keeping a balanced set of four KPIs relative to the business, function or process they were management. Working with MDs of SME businesses, I find myself frequently reverting back to these basic principles. Continue reading

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5 Free Financial Online Tools

In supporting the growth of my smaller clients’ businesses, I am frequently asked which online tools could automate their financial processes. Why? Standardising, automating and integrating processes saves time, increases effiiciency and gives a more professional look. Here are a few of them. Continue reading

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More useful tools

I attended a seminar and a conference this week and learnt about some new technologies that are really useful for business. One helps find finance or a better return if you are looking to invest. The other is the next step for social media. Just getting to grips with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? The “geeks” have already moved on! Continue reading

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3 Free Project Management Tools

As businesses grow, there is a move from a “manage it all in your head” status to a need for a more robust project management approach, particularly when the size of your team also starts to grow and you need to understand and manage budgets and time. Why? If you don’t measure, the risk of spending more time and resources on activities will undermine your profitability and limit growth. I have been asked for my recommendations on some good free project management tools. Here are 3 free tools that I have come across plus 2 other well-known and low-cost options. Continue reading

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