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3 key questions to manage change

People can fear change. This reaction arises from the fear of what will be lost because of the change, rather than the change itself. Supporting people through change is the key role of a leader and can be effective if the process starts with asking 3 key questions. Continue reading

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Which Syndrome is Holding you Back?

I have come across, and suffered from, a number of syndromes during my career and life.  Here are a few.  Which ones resonate with you? How are they holding you back from your true potential? More importantly, what can you … Continue reading

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Managing your Creative Brain at 3.a.m.

At The Leadership Forum launch, one of the attendees shared his challenge of managing his creativity which resulted in waking up at 3.a.m. with ideas buzzing around in his head. He then finds that his day is taken up with … Continue reading

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