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3 Daily Questions to Motivate Your Team

Moving from being a Manager to being a leader requires a shift in perspective. Leaders see themselves as empowering others rather than directing or controlling people and tasks. To empower requires the leader to demonstrate their credibility, their interest in developing their people and their trust. Why? People will not follow if these elements are not in place and if they do follow, productivity improves with dramatic performance results. Showing support and highlighting success and learning on a daily basis creates stronger relationships that motivate everyone in the team. Continue reading

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How to use Social Media to add customer value

The benefits of social media tend to focus on marketing and networking. Finding new customers, building relationships with potential new customers and raising your profile. There are, however, other benefits that can be derived by using social media to add value to your important clients and customers. Why? The more value you deliver, the stronger the relationship and more loyal your customer. Here are some ways to give a little bit more to your customer, providing them with benefits and demonstrating how important they are to you. Continue reading

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3 Tips For Effective Customer Service

I have had a couple of experiences this week that reiterate the rules for customer service.  The first experience relates to my car service and the second to my website hosting package.  Why are these three rules important?  A 5% … Continue reading

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How to learn from another industry – Part 1: Complexity

My initial career was focused on cross-industry best practice, followed by competitive intelligence.  In coaching SMEs today, I realise that the approaches developed then continue to apply now.  Why?  Great steps in innovation and breakthrough performance frequently come from looking … Continue reading

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What SEO experts won’t tell you

Many web marketeers have given mea similar advice which I have passed on in good faith to my readers. This week I met a web-developer who made me pause and rethink. Here are his points that he asked me to … Continue reading

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Three old-fashioned ways to raise your profile

In the race to embrace the latest changes, we sometimes overlook the power of a good old-fashioned approach.  This week I visited a new business.  A few days later, I emailed my contact to thank them for the meeting.  Later … Continue reading

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How cross-selling can help your business

During a client workshop the other day, it became clear that a one-to-one relationship existed with their key customer. This single relationship, albeit effective and profitable highlighted a number of risks and lost opportunities all around the tactic of cross-selling. … Continue reading

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