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How to move your website up the google rankings

Here is a short blog I recently posted in LinkedIn which many have found useful so I am sharing it again.    I attended one of the CDN meetings the other week at which Ashleigh Auld from AuldDigital was presenting … Continue reading

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7 Levers to Business Growth

 A blog I recently posted in LinkedIn. received great comments, some of which asked me about the all important “Why?” that should first be answered before any business development can successfully start.  This “why” is included in my PROCESS growth … Continue reading

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How to spot and deal with a Passive-Agressive Manager

  I recently contributed to an article on the Institute of Leadership & Management’s website on this subject.  Here is my complete piece on this particular challenge. In Performance Management, you frequently hear the term “no surprises” meaning that Managers … Continue reading

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How to start by stopping

One of my clients is keen to focus on time management. He works an average of 65 hours a week and tells me he has over 50 emails a day which he needs to address. Add to this, his customer service activities, team management, admin and marketing and the question that rises in my mind is whether he is running his business or whether it is running him. My tips which I share in this blog are about thinking what he should stop doing. Continue reading

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Do Unto Others……

I read a good blog the other day which advised leaders to treat their employees as they would want to be treated. This is sound advice in many situations, however I shall always remember my diversity training at Shell which challenged my basic belief of “Do unto others as you would be done by”. This blog gives an additional view. Continue reading

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What’s your exit number?

Some of my Growth-Accelerator clients talk about growing their businesses to enable them to retire some time in the future. They often consider what is needed for the business to sustain itself but forget about their own requirements. One of our Leadership Forum members focuses specifically on this aspect. I am pleased to introduce their guest blog on the subject. Continue reading

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How to get more from your brand

Businesses that are clear on the benefits and “reasons to believe” for all stakeholder groups leverage their brand value dramatically. They supply the “why” that creates loyalty, quality and productivity in everyone involved in the business, all along the value-chain, not just at the end of it. this blog shares a formula for developing your brand. Continue reading

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