Three steps to great leadership

whowhatHere is a blog I recently posted in LinkedIn.  I received great comments, some of which asked me about the all important “Why?” that should first be answered before any of the steps can be fully effective.  This is included in my PROCESS growth model as the first P which stands for Purpose.  So, this blog starts from first having understood the Why.

Great leaders all have two things in common – passion and focus. To achieve the highest impact from these key success drivers requires a successful leader to attend to three things.

Step 1. Look at what you are doing. This means focusing on the right target. Using your strengths and finding others to support those areas which do not come naturally to you.

Step 2. Look at how you are delivering. This refers to your skills and the behaviours you use every day. How well do you listen? Do you reflect back what you hear and check that you have the right meaning? Do you ask more than you tell? Do you look to motivate and influence those you lead by including their goals in what you are saying?

Step 3. Look at who you are being. How natural and close to your “real” self are you being? Do you put on that “leadership suit” when you walk in the door or do people see more of the real you. Do you share your beliefs and values? Do you “walk the walk”? Most people use the term authentic.

The reason for your three steps to leadership will show in the results you achieve. Authenticity builds trust. Understanding, listening and planning your communications builds relationships. Harnessing relationships and trust to clear focused goals delivers high performance results.


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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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