How to start by stopping

One of my clients is keen to focus on time management.  He works an average of 65 hours a week and tells me he has over 50 emails a day which he needs to address.  Add to this, his customer service activities, team management, admin and marketing and the question that rises in my mind is whether he is running his business or whether it is running him.  He tells me that he has read the appropriate books and now sets his tasks in order of priority.  So, he asks me – what more can I do?  I replied “What could you stop doing?”.  We are always so focused on what more we should do and what further actions we must take.  We run our lives by lists but would not it be a relief to just stop doing something?  I asked him to look at his To Do list – look at the costs and benefits of each one.  Was there at least one thing he could stop doing?  I referred him to another great book “What got you here won’t get you there” by Marshall Goldsmith, in which Marshall refers to the 10 years he spent on the Peter Drucker Foundation Board.  He cites Drucker’s words of “We spend a lot of time teaching leaders what to do.  ……Half the leaders I have met don’t need to learn what to do.  They need to learn what to stop”. The next challenge that we often find when we do clear some space, is our tendency to rush ahead and fill it up again by saying yes to the next request, planning new development or something similar.  This then gets us back into the cycle of too much to do in too little time.  If you look at your time and how much you can sensibly achieve in that time, then the equation should be – nothing gets added unless something else gets stopped.  Recognising and breaking our own bad habits is the only way to also break the cycle and meet the challenge of managing time effectively. Future Forum Events The next event will be in December The Leadership Forum, 10th December, Essex, hosted by The Write Impression – topic “Making the write impression for your business” Join Highflyingdivas Join  The leadership Forum Lighter Reflections IMG_0602As the weather has dutifully sunk into the lower numbers at the latter end of the year, I have got progressively colder.  My body strongly resembles the needs of a tropical plant thriving only in hot-house conditions.  Its shivering reaction to the cold is, however, exacerbated by my husband’s habit of leaving our kitchen stable-door open “in case the cat wants to come in or go out”.  My view is that the cat could wait in the little cubbyhole of a pine dresser outside the kitchen until we open the door but no, we wouldn’t want her delicate little frame to shiver outside for longer than necessary.  It’s ok for me to shiver inside instead.  So, imagine my delight when James put in a cat-flap in the interior door to the kitchen.  As he was building it, the cat repeatedly walked through it showing that she knew it was for her.  So why, when he put the plastic frame into it, did she refuse to use it and sit and “yell” at us to open the door? YingYang_Logo2Rosemary

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