How to get more from your brand

I have been working with two clients recently on developing their brand.  Most people consider brand to be represented by an image that reflects what the company means to their customers.  Sometimes this image is supported by a tag line.  Some just have a word, for example with Colgate, its protection. With a few, such as Ritz Carlton Hotels and McDonalds, it is also a set of bullet points.  For example, the latter has–Fast Service –Consistent Food Taste and Quality–Consistent Pricing.  Yet a brand should also have a message for all stakeholders, not just customers.  What does it mean for employees, suppliers and partners?  Businesses that are also clear on the benefits and “reasons to believe” for these other stakeholder groups leverage their brand value dramatically.  They supply the “why” that creates loyalty, quality and productivity in everyone involved in the business, all along the value-chain, not just at the end of it.  So, here is a formula to help you develop what your brand means to all your stakeholders.

To    (insert stakeholder group)

(name of the business) gives you ……………………(the rational/emotional benefit/promise)

because ……. (enter reasons to believe)

It may well be that the message is similar to that for your customers, so my question is; do you also promote your brand with these other groups?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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Lighter Reflections

imagesRegular readers will know of my ongoing war with our resident pigeons.  This pair of flying rodents have persistently taken delight in leaving their tracks and other forms of signature on my freshly cleaned car.  Just mine.  One of my great delights was the pleasure in thwarting them when our garage was completed.  I rubbed my hands in glee at their inability to leave footprint designs across my car’s bonnet.  I should have known that their retaliation would soon be coming.  I found this when bringing in the washing to see that they had pooped on, I YingYang_Logo2kid you not, just my washing.  The towels, sheets and James’ sweet-smelling clean clothes swayed gently in the summer breeze, whilst mine have had to go into a repeat wash! So what next?


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