How to be a positive leader

This week I have had two different management teams talking to me about what “their boss” hasn’t done.  They shared all the problems that their leader hasn’t yet responded to, or dealt with.  I have talked to their leaders about dealing with these problems.   More importantly, I coach them about the underlying need for them, as leaders, to create a positive environment in which employees recognise their role in overcoming problems.  To make a start, there are 3 questions leaders can use to focus everyone on solutions rather than challenges.  Why should they do this?  Looking for opportunities and always having a positive mindset sets the tone for people to take responsibility, find solutions and succeed.

1.  What would good look like? What would be a good outcome?  What could/needs to be done?  Or something similar.  Rather than focusing on the issue, people look at what a good result might be.  It stops the “I have a problem – its your job to solve it”.

2.  What could you do to move towards this good outcome?  Highlights their potential role in finding and implementing a solution or at least generates some co-ownership of the challenge.

3.  What do you need from me to get this good outcome?  Demonstrates the leaders’ commitment to finding a solution.

If leaders take this approach, they are sending a clear signal that the business focuses on opportunities rather than problems.  Very quickly everyone starts to think about solutions before presenting problems.   They also start to realise that there is a shared responsibility in managing the business and the value in take a more proactive partnership-type role within it.

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Lighter Reflections

PICT0044During half-term I asked James if he could fly Guy and I down to Brighton to have lunch.  Unfortunately the weather conspired against us and there wasn’t a single day when we could do this.  So, we decided to go for a local flight instead.  Guy told me that he needed to sit in the front seat as he might want to learn how to fly some time in the future.   I wedged in behind them.  Most young lads would be fascinated by flying in this way and I looked at the back of Guy’s head thinking fondly of the fun he must be having.  That is until I saw his head roll back and to the side and realised that he had fallen asleep!

YingYang_Logo2  Regards, Rosemary

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