CRM Recommendations

As your business grows, there comes a time when you need to consider keeping all those contacts in one single place.  Why?  Creating a centralised database allows you to segment them into marketing, strong leads, proposals, clients, past clients, channel partners and so on.  This allows you to put all of your related material against their details and manage them in a regular and professional way.  It becomes more critical as you take on associates and employees.  Many of my clients first think of the large branded CRM (customer relationship management) software providers, however, there are some recommended lower-cost options.  Setting up and using one of these allows you to develop and “play” with a system, developing a better understanding of what you really need before investing.

Research for my clients has come up with the following, that you might like to consider:

1.  MyBusiness offers a single solution that can be customized to business needs and is fully supported.  It stars at $249 per annum for 5 users

2.  Zoho   Zoho has won numerous awards including  “2008 Small Business CRM: Leader”, “2008 CRM Market Awards: Influential Leaders”. There is no long-term commitment required and you pay as you go.They are recognised for have a fast and easy setup, easy customization, and being easy to use and train employees.

3.  Workbooks.com121  Workbooks offer online applications that include Workbooks Business with real-time KPI visibility.  They state that they are competitively priced and exact subscription costs would need to be requested.  they are based in the UK and being we-based also means that neither hardware nor software is required.

What do you use?

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leadership coachWell I cycled in my first race, completing 20 miles.  I never realised that we had so many hills in Essex.  The race was in support of the Essex Air Ambulance and was held a couple of weeks ago.  I misread the instructions and missed the main group starting the race.  After that, it was a case of turn up and go – following a detailed map.  Given my inability to remotely consider prising my clenched fingers from around my handlebars for even a nano second, the chances of navigating around the course on my own were very slim.  I was either going to be late due to constant errors or by stopping every 30 yards to read my map.  Plan B – I looked around and spied a group of one woman and 2 men who seemed to be the only people not lycra-clad or perched on expensive-looking featherweight pieces of gossamer steel.  They kindly allowed me to join them and I am happy to say I now have some new cyclingYingYang_Logo2 buddies for future races.  Indeed we now have another one planned for us all this Sunday.  Wish me luck!

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