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How to get more from your brand

Businesses that are clear on the benefits and “reasons to believe” for all stakeholder groups leverage their brand value dramatically. They supply the “why” that creates loyalty, quality and productivity in everyone involved in the business, all along the value-chain, not just at the end of it. this blog shares a formula for developing your brand. Continue reading

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How to be a positive leader

There is the underlying need for leaders to create a positive environment in which employees recognise their role in overcoming problems. To make a start, there are 3 questions leaders can use to focus everyone on solutions rather than challenges. Why should they do this? Looking for opportunities and always having a positive mindset sets the tone for people to take responsibility, find solutions and succeed. Continue reading

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CRM Recommendations

As your business grows, there comes a time when you need to consider keeping all those contacts in one single place. Why? Creating a centralised database allows you to segment them into marketing, strong leads, proposals, clients, past clients, channel partners and so on. This allows you to put all of your related material against their details and manage them in a regular and professional way. It becomes more critical as you take on associates and employees. Many of my clients first think of the large branded CRM (customer relationship management) software providers, however, there are some recommended lower-cost options. Setting up and using one of these allows you to develop and “play” with a system, developing a better understanding of what you really need before investing. Continue reading

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