The 2 keys to personal development

There are a myriad of different tools, techniques, models and frameworks available to support leadership development in the business world.  I use many of them with my clients.  In my opinion, whatever they are called, they generally relate to two personal drivers.  These are internal (what we posses) and external (how we are shaped by our external environment).  Our performance and more particularly what we do and the “way that we do things” come from both sources.  Understanding the drivers of your behaviour provides the key to how you can flex, adapt and change to develop competencies, improve performance and achieve success.  These drivers are the keys to personal development and leadership performance.

1.  Internal.  These are the attributes and characteristics that you possess.  They are your personal DNA.    They include your innate strengths, levels of intelligence and stamina and  other attributes such as levels of curiosity and courage.  They also include your personal motivators such as your need for achievement and/or relationships.  If  you are aware of them and are able to accurately analyse then, you can develop and manage them, thereby unlocking your full potential.

2. External.  These are the elements that shape how and why you behave in the way you do.  They comprise your values, attitudes, beliefs and assumptions.  We generally learn these from our experiences and those who influence us, such as parents, managers, friends and so on.  The key to realising your potential is again to be aware of your external influencers and then to look at what and how you can change the habits you have fallen into over the years.

Personal development can lead to realising your potential but it will take awareness and a commitment to changing behaviours, which are driven by your internal and external drivers.  Using these keys will help you to understand, manage and develop yourself to reach your personal goals.   To motivate and develop your people, a similar understanding of their internal and external drivers will give you the keys to support their leadership development.

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Lighter Reflections

IMGA0430Imagine my delight when James asked me if I would like to be flown to Shoreham for lunch!  James is now finishing his Commercial Pilot’s Licence prior to becoming a private flying instructor.  As part of his quest, he now has a share in a 4-seater Piper aeroplane.  Well the sun was shining, and I felt I could take some time off working on my accounts, to join him on a flight down the coast, past Eastbourne and Brighton, to lunch in the 1920s restaurant at the airfield.  It was lovely.  We even had a pianist tinkling away on the ivories in the background.  How long did this little escapade take?  5 hours!  No, it’s not a typo.  From leaving the house, preparing the plane, flying (our 90 min lunch) and return – it was 5 hours.  Note to self – flying off to lunch = day’s leave in future.

  Regards, RosemaryYingYang_Logo2

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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