5 Free Financial Online Tools

In supporting the growth of my smaller clients’ businesses, I am frequently asked which online tools could automate their financial processes.  Why?  Standardising, automating and integrating processes saves time, increases efficiency and gives a more professional look.  Here are a few to consider:-

1.  Freshbooks has a free account, as well as offering paid additional services.  Support includes tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing. It will also allow you to share data across other applications.

2. Wave Accounting is suitable for businesses with up to 9 employees.  Its features include invoicing, payroll, reporting and more.  You can link it to your bank accounts, Paypal and other sources of data and its completely free.

3.  Expensify, as you can imagine, offers free expense tracking.  It allows you to scan receipts, track your car GPS mileage and from all your sources, automatically produces expense reports.

4.  Invoicejournal is worth a look if you have a small business that wishes to send invoices to multiple countries.  It allows you to track and you don’t have to send an attachment as the client can access the invoice via a link.  You can still export to excel but have the benefit of a professional looking invoice.

5.  Mint is useful for your personal financial management.  It securely pulls all your financial management into one place (accessible on the go as well) and then categorises it.  You can enter your budget and goals and keep track of financial status.  With over 10 million users and The Wall Street Journal calling it  one of “The best online tools for Personal Finance” – its worth a look.

Do you use any of these tools and what is your review of them?  What other tools do you recommend?  Why not also look at the other technical resources I have recommended in previous blogs.

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Lighter Reflections

consultant, EssexIt was my birthday last week and son Guy sent me a lovely email message.  He wished me a Happy Birthday, expressed his sorrow that he wasn’t there, told me he loved me, missed me and was looking forward to coming home at the weekend to see me.  I, wrapped in a warm glow, asked husband James if he had seen this lovely note.  James’ response?  “Yes, and I replied to him, pointing out his errors, and stating that I hoped his grammar was better at school than in his email!”.  I hope James’ doesn’t expect an email from his son, when its his birthday!

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