Starting with the end in mind

We had a great turnout of Owner/Managers at The Leadership Forum, with one discussion being about retirement.  One entrepreneur talked about how he had retired and was now involved in various businesses 3 days a week.  Another CEO challenged “Well have you retired then, as you are still working?”.  The former replied “Yes, as I am doing what I love doing, without the need to provide for my future driving me”.  Another Owner/Manager responded “Well in that case, I have already retired!”.  The point isn’t really about the definition of retirement but your state of readiness for that time, whatever you choose to do during it.  So, three key questions:-

  1. What would the ideal “retirement” look like for you?
  2. What do you need from your current work to provide for your future lifestyle?
  3. What do you need to change, to prepare for that future?

The answers can be about finance, delegation and time-management, new roles, business performance to attract future buyers, or even moving to a different business. Whatever it might be, preparing your plan now, will ensure you are on the right path for your ideal future.

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Lighter Reflections

thumb_COLOURBOX5536566You will of course know about Hollywood’s Walk of Fame handprints, where famous people have their handprints forever captured on the pavement.  We now have our own “wildlife walk of fame” created whilst our builders laid the concrete foundation for our new garage.  We have our pesky pigeons dancing a ribbon-effect jig. Our local rabbits leaving a small trail of footprints on the edge of the “design”.  The local pheasant and, by the trail, a fair number of his harem, and finally, of course, our dog, who needed to inspect all of the above-mentioned footprints.

About RosemaryCC

Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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4 Responses to Starting with the end in mind

  1. Good blog. My answers:
    1 Where I can enjoy experiencing and sharing artistic, leadership, professional and philosophcial insights and impacts with friends and family in my own time
    2 Build up my ability, variety of experience, and connections and respect earned as much as possible
    3 Keep trying to convey to others what I have learned and learn from them: lead by example and follow by example.

  2. kimmorrison says:

    Really thought provoking and definitely struck a chord with me! It’s easy to get caught up in the next step for your business or career, particularly when climbing the corporate ladder. I had what I thought was a long term target and then, when I achieved it, felt “what now?”
    Thinking in terms of your ‘ideal retirement’ is an ideal way to ensure you’re prepared beyond the immediate shorter term goals.

  3. A nice taster however I would have liked more information – a little more depth. But it does give me some ideas of what and where to go next.

  4. A very interesting snippet, but please tell us more… 🙂

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