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5 Free Financial Online Tools

In supporting the growth of my smaller clients’ businesses, I am frequently asked which online tools could automate their financial processes. Why? Standardising, automating and integrating processes saves time, increases effiiciency and gives a more professional look. Here are a few of them. Continue reading

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Starting with the end in mind

We had a great turnout of Owner/Managers at The Leadership Forum, with one discussion being about retirement. One entrepreneur talked about how he had retired and was now involved in various businesses 3 days a week. Another CEO challenged “Well have you retired then, as you are still working?”. The former replied “Yes, as I am doing what I love doing, without the need to provide for my future driving me”. Another Owner/Manager responded “Well in that case, I have already retired!”. The point isnt really about the definition of retirement but your state of readiness for that time, whatever you choose to do during it. Continue reading

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