3 Steps to Winning Customers

Effective marketing should create potential new customers i.e. leads.  There are phases to the customer acquisition process, namely lead generation, lead nurturing and lead close – some would call this the sales pipeline. The key to moving from one phase to the other is a strong process.  Why?  If you don’t maintain the follow-up, then your investment in marketing, whether it be networking, advertising or anything else, will be a waste of time and resources.  Here are some the three steps:-

1.  Each week put some time in your diary to check that you have taken some action on each phase.  Giving yourself a target of so many new leads helps to get the process started.

2. Keep a list of the leads you have generated and ensure each lead has a lead nurturing activity assigned to it.  For example, sending an email, your blog etc.  Time  your lead nurturing to regular intervals.

3. Review your lead nurturing list and mark against each one when you are going to start to move the lead towards a proposal or a decision to end the relationship.  Enter that review date in your calendar.

Trying to keep everything in your head or periodically looking at your stack of business cards whenever you have some spare time will not reap the same benefits of creating a systematic process.     What works for you?

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Lighter Reflections

Anyone walking past our garden lately will either think that we have a huge discount at the wood merchants or my husband is bored.  He has been  unable to go flying due to “low cloud” so has decided to “focus” on the garIMG_0341den.  This means that wooden structures have started to sprout out across the landscape.  We now have two wooden arches, (one of which is so large it is more akin to a Pagoda), two sets of wooden trellis fences, a couple of gates and a wooden arbour seat patiently waiting for final assembly.  Oh and I forgot the wooden log store, which he has built alongside the house, that reaches up almost to the first floor window.  I believe I might be the only person in England who is pleased it’s raining and thus keeps him indoors.  Otherwise, I fear we would have no lawn left to view!




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