More useful tools

I attended a seminar and a conference this week and learnt about some new technologies that are really useful for business.  One helps find finance or a better return if you are looking to invest.  The other is the next step for social media.  Just getting to grips with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?  The “geeks” have already moved on!

1.  This is the first online “borrower-investor” facilitator.  Many more have since arrived on the scene but this one has been going the longest with less than 1% bad debt. 

2.  This is the next generation for social media under the LBS (location-based social networking) functionality for mobiles.  Integrating with Facebook and Twitter, it uses GPS to share where you are.  Some may say creepy, others say that you need to know about it to show you are aware of the latest technology or help meet up with that all important contact.

3.  Square: Mobile credit card payment app with a small hardware device that connects to your smartphone–and offers market-competitive fees. So if you didn’t think you could offer credit card payments, think again.

Do you know of more?  Please share to keep us all up to date.

Future Forum Meetings

Highflyingdivas, 23rd October, London – hosted by Penna

The Leadership Forum, 13th November, Colchester – hosted by LEPRA

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No blog next week as I will be on holiday!

Lighter Reflections

Without going into a very long story, James and I went out to buy another new trail bike on which I can train for the WomenVCancer cycling challenge I am doing next year.  I tried a very nice bike and started asking the shop owner about local cycling clubs to help me keep motivated.  Later, I said I would like the bike, I was sitting on. The shop owner said “That’s the men’s version, I can get the women’s from the store if you like”.  James then said “Well, if you only want it for 6 months until the event, then why not get the men’s and I can have it later”.  The shop owner then said “Ah, that one is too small for you sir but we have one on sale here that would do you nicely”.  I quickly added “If you get it now, then you can come cycling with me and I won’t need to find a buddy!”.  Five minutes later we left the shop with one happy wife and one bemused husband trying to work out how he had been roped into training for his wife’s charity challenge.



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