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More useful tools

I attended a seminar and a conference this week and learnt about some new technologies that are really useful for business. One helps find finance or a better return if you are looking to invest. The other is the next step for social media. Just getting to grips with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? The “geeks” have already moved on! Continue reading

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How to beat the competition – Part 2

Competitive intelligence is a form of strategic risk management. You start by understanding the level of strategic risk competitors pose to your business and then develop your responses. Why? Advance thinking will mean you are prepared and can be proactive to ensure you beat the competition rather than the other way around. Continue reading

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How to beat the competition – Part 1 The Myth

It is a myth that a business has no competitors because every potential customer has an alternative in their minds when contemplating a purchase. Beating the competition means first identifying who they are. This is determined by those your customers consider to be competitors, as well as those you already consider. Your customer may not have the same market knowledge as you do and therefore their choices may appear far wider and you will need to “build your case” against this wider range. Beating the competition includes developing messages for all perceived competitors. Continue reading

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