3 Free Project Management Tools

As businesses grow, there is a move from a “manage it all in your head” status to a need for a more robust project management approach, particularly when the size of your team also starts to grow and you need to understand and manage budgets and time.  Why?  If you don’t measure, the risk of spending more time and resources on activities will undermine your profitability and limit growth.  I have been asked for my recommendations on some good free project management tools.  Here are 3 free tools that I have come across plus 2 other well-known and low-cost options.

1.  TeamLab. The Open Source version is free and offers business collaboration, document and project management.

2. Basecamp.  There is a low-cost to this service starting at $20 a  month for managing 10 ongoing projects.  There is no per user fee.

3.  Zoho.  This project management online package offers an express plan for up to 20 projects at $20 a month.  It also offers a free plan for 1 project with unlimited users and 10mb storage.

4. OpenProj is an Open Source free project management tool similar to Microsoft project.

5. dotproj is another free Open Source project management tool which is maintained by volunteers.

What has been your experience with project management software?  Which would you recommend?


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Lighter Reflections

I had a choice to either stay indoors on Saturday morning and write my blog, or take a walk outside in the lovely weather with my dog and husband (child is away and cat asleep on the bed).   So my blog is later than usual this week, and, I cannot promise it won’t happen again!




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