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Acquiring Good Customers

is there an assumption that all customers are good customers ? Of course the key question is “What is a good customer for my business?”. Why? Good customers are easier to work with, stay with you longer and probably generate more value. So before you develop your strategy or even if your current one is just “Go out and tell everyone what we do”, why not take some time to do some customer analysis. Follow these steps:- Continue reading

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How to build a cohesive team

Taking 30 minutes out of the week to create alignment, focus activity and build a participative team culture is a good investment. This post describes how to build a cohesive team using one simple routine. Continue reading

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5 Online Meeting Tools

Most people have heard of Skype and use it for video conferencing but what tools are useful for group meetings and are either free or very low cost? Virtual meetings save time, effort and money. They also fit more easily into busy schedules and take less stress to organise. Here are some you might like to try. Continue reading

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What is a Vision, a Mission or a Strategy?

I have been working with several clients on developing their strategy, something I perfected during my role as Global Strategy Lead at Shell Lubricants.  It raises the usual questions of what exactly are visions, missions and strategies and why have … Continue reading

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