Business Philosophies that work

I attended the IOD convention this year and was particularly taken with Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO,  Kevin Roberts, and his philosophy for business success which I have shared with most of my clients.  I have come across another two mantras that also appeal.  What is the value of them?  They help maintain focus on the goal, thereby motivating and aligning everyone, whilst highlighting company values.  I share them for your consideration.
1.  Fail fast, fix fast and learn fast.  Kevin Roberts CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide.  Stating that failure is ok if it provides learning and action clearly supports innovation and an appropriate risk attitude.

2.  See it. Feel it. Trust it.  Roger Black, MBE.  This of course applies equally to business goals as it does to Olympic performance.

3.  Information>Inspiration>Involvement.  Paul Walsh, Chief Executive, Diageo PLC talking about creative leaders and how they inspire people to change by creating action.  They focus not on “getting things done, but making things happen”.

Do you have a business mantra for your success?


This week I invite you to download my paper on the one effective action a leader can take today, which is at the bottom of my home page.

Lighter Reflections.

Last week we took some leave to walk the highlights of Hadrian’s Wall.  The weather was kind, the views spectacular and the atmosphere peaceful and relaxing.  That is, until our cattle encounters.  Of course, this is the time that you get to see those cute little calves toddling behind their mothers or laying in the grass.  Our first idyllic scene was interrupted as we looked back over our shoulders to admire the view we had just climbed.  Our eyes were dragged back to the scene of a walker racing across the field and throwing his dog over the wall (not Hadrian’s  but he stone wall fencing the field!) whilst being chased by two furious heifers intent on teaching them a lesson.  We entered the next field to see the cows gathered in front of the style, presumably to bar our exit route.  Well, bovine mothers are on a par with human mothers when it comes to child protection.  My husband and son watched in disbelief as I swung into action, trotting down the hill, wailing like a banshee and whirling my walking poles around my head.  If anything was charging, it was going to be me!  It worked as they scattered in confusion.  I hasten to add that no calves were frightened or threatened in this “whirling dervish” episode as the cows in question turned out to be young bullocks.


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