How to create a blog – Part 4 – 10 ideas to reach more readers

In Part 1 and Part 2, I talked about a blog strategy and planning your blog.  Part 3 gave some ideas on developing content.  Of course, however well you do in Parts 1-3 mean little if no-one reads your blog.  Similarly, you want to get maximum value from each and every post.  Why?  Writing a blog takes time and effort.  The rich content you provide can have multiple uses that will further raise your profile.  This Part provides ideas on ways to promote and feature your blog to attract more readers and raise your profile.

1.  The title is probably the most important feature you can use to attract more readers.  Use Google Keywords to check the most popular. has a plugin that will test two different headlines and will automatically use the one which is getting more clicks.  There are requirements to its use though.

2.  Posting a video, audio and images not only increase the attractiveness of your post to readers, it raises the SEO and engages the social media platforms that you use, e.g. videos via YouTube.

3.  Find and use complimentary tools.  A good tools for audio is which allows up to 3 minutes of recording free.  For images, Flickr provides a great resource with clear guidelines on free usage under the Creative Common search, as long as they are attributed.   I also use Google Images and then check the copyright for the image I wish to use.

4. Include a mailing sign-up form on all the websites and social media profiles you have available.

5. Ensure that your blog is linked to Twitter, Facebook and all the social media that you use, so that it automatically announces each post.

6.  Use the WordPress widgets to allow your readers to tweet, email and post your blog to their followers.

7.  Create discussion topics based on your posts on relevant LinkedIn groups with a link to your blog.

8.  Look on the Answers page of LinkedIn for questions relative to topics you have posted and respond, again with a link to your blog.

9.  Consolidate posts on the same topic into a written article and post on Ezine Articles which will alert readers to your blog.  There are rules about the material not being published before, however this can be addresses via editing and adapting your content.

10.  Similarly, convert into an e-book and publicise its availability on your blog, website, social media and within your blog.

As always, I am still learning and adopting these ideas and am sharing them as I go.  How do you increase your blog readership?

Lighter Reflections.

I have had three setbacks this week.  The first was having my email hacked and all my contacts sent begging emails saying I was in Spain and needed an urgent transfer of funds.  Still sorting this one out but I am not in Spain and only need funds for my cycling challenge!   The second was my thwarted plan to talk about my cycling spinning classes which was stopped by being told at the Gym that the class was cancelled.  I said that this was the second time I have been told it was cancelled on arrival, even though they have my number.  I received the huffy response “Well I’ve just come on today and didn’t know they hadn’t phoned everyone”.  Followed by “You are the second person to arrive and complain”.   So why didn’t she take the initiative and call the others who had booked, as they may not have been told either?  Compare this to my second experience.  Guy called to say that he was back from his Cadet training early.  James wasn’t home yet so I jumped in my car to fetch Guy.  I had a tyre blow-out on the A12 and had to call  AA Recovery.  Before they arrived the local police stopped, held up the racing traffic and drove my car to a slip-road, delivering sympathy and calm reassurance along the way.  The AA man arrived, couldn’t fix the tyre, couldn’t tow my car so drove me to the local KwikFit where I bought a new tyre, returned to the car and fitted it.  Again, all the while being friendly, helpful and supportive.  In Germany they are rightly called “Yellow Angels”.  Thank you local police and AA for demonstrating fantastic customer service! I am also hoping that my “trouble in threes” is now complete.

I am away on leave next week so no post until I return.


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