How to create a blog – Part 3 – 10 Ideas For Writing

In Part 1 and Part 2, I talked about a blog strategy and planning your blog.  Of course the most challenging piece is what to write about.  Why?  A blog should be of interest and, preferably, of value to your readership.  A thinly veiled sales pitch will not reflect well on you, generate or nurture leads.  Here are ten ideas which may get your thought processes going.

1.  Client case studies.  A disguised case study including the key points of learning will always be popular as readers generally like a good story.

2. Talk about trends.  What trends do you see in your market, sector, geography and so on?

3.  Answer  questions you hear posed at networking meetings, on LinkedIn Forums and other sources.

4. Review a book or article.  What did you find interesting about it as well as a summary.

5. Guest blog.  Ask someone if they would like to write a post.

6.  Resource lists.   Share your good sources of tools, information and services.

7.  “How to” posts based on your knowledge.

8.  Make a prediction.

9.  Discussion debate. Write  your views on a topic and ask for comments.

10. Re-categorise and share best posts from your archives.

As always, I have not necessarily used all of these but have noticed them featuring in good blogs.  Where do you get your post ideas from?

And for those who prefer audio


This week I invite you to download my e-book which provides 10 ideas on how to build a successful team.

Lighter Reflections.

This week I have been attending Professional Leadership coach training at a wonderful retreat near Milton Keynes.  I took advantage of their gym and spa which reminded me of my experience in Istanbul when I decided to try a Turkish Bath.  Bearing in mind that Turkey has a strong Islamic culture, I was initially surprised to be directed into the Turkish Baths along with a number of men who were, frankly, wearing very little.  Just a short towel in fact.  I was even further surprised to enter the open door of the Bath to see a man lying on a slab being sluiced with water by a female attendant.  Again wearing only a very small towel which, in his instance, was also very wet.  I sat opposite, in my swimsuit but felt that I probably looked more like an interested spectator than another visitor to the Baths.  When it was clear that he was being asked to get up and turn over, I hastily got up and left.  When it came to my turn, a woman welcomed me, asked me to take off my swimsuit and showed me into the same room as earlier.  I then realised that I had probably previously entered during a “treatment” session  and anyone else, who regularly visited, would not have sat down to watch.  I suggested the use of door-locks on my feedback form.


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