How to Create a Blog – Part 2 – Planning

In Part 1 of How to Create a Blog, I listed the 5 key questions that define a strategy.  The answers to these questions will ensure that the blog has a clear purpose and can be created with that purpose in mind.  Part 2 focuses planning.

1.  Which platform to use?  Some technical experts advise avoiding writing your blog as another page on your website.  If you create a new blog site, this will increase your SEO ratings as you link them together.  I find WordPress provides an excellent tool.  They are free and have many user-friendly templates, statistical data and features such as plugins.  Another popular free blog platform is blogger.

2.  Frequency.  It is advisable to blog at least monthly, bi-weekly is better and, as you know, I blog weekly.  This is only because it helps me remember what I’ve been doing this week and I started my blog to share my learnings in starting up my own business.  So whatever I learnt during the week, I shared in my blog.  Obviously, this may not apply to you.  Why blog regularly?  Blogging should be frequent enough that you remain fresh in your reader’s mind.  Blogging is a way of creating and developing a relationship with your reader.  If the aim is to raise your profile, you need to keep it alive by blogging regularly.  Whatever you decide, stick to the decision.  Starting with a weekly blog and then drifting into a monthly one  and then back to bi-weekly does not send out a good message about your consistency.

3.  Length.  Tricky one.  Long enough to write meaningful content which then assumes that you have a paragraph to introduce the context and another to summarise the key points.  Short enough that your reader doesn’t need to put time aside to get through it!.  The most read average between 100 and 249 words.  The next popular range is 250 – 500 words.  As always, it depends on the content but my advice is to think about dividing into Parts if you have considerable content to share.  Before you start counting – this section is 350 words!

And if you prefer audio


Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute.  One of my professional colleagues recommended this book and so it is now on my reading list.  Have you read it?  What do you think of it?

The Leadership Forum

We had a great Forum on the 19th June, hosted by the HP Group in which they shared new insights into finding and winning customers online.  Our next Highflyingdivas and Leadership Forums will continue again after the “summer” in September.  You are welcome to join our LinkedIn groups where we share ideas, research and ask and answer questions.

Business leaders – The Leadership Forum

Professional woman in career or with own business – Highflyingdivas

Lighter Reflections

My new training bicycle arrived, complete with assembly instructions.  Some time later, James told me it was ready and waiting in the hall.  I duly put my helmet on and new cycling attire and clambered aboard ready for my first session.  I then realised that he had assembled it for a midget as my knees appeared at almost equal height with the handle-bars.  I also found that my gears seemed to want to work the opposite way to the instructions!  I got to the end of the road and returned having felt I had ridden the equivalent of the 90km per day I will need to do in Kenya.  It is of course, quite feasible, that the assembly and positioning are as they should be, when you consider my cycling skills are basic at best.  I now no longer have to get off the bike to change direction but am still building up to holding my arm out to signal my intended direction.  See previous reflections on my cycling proficiency and you will understand what I mean.

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One Response to How to Create a Blog – Part 2 – Planning

  1. I would have loved to see you trying to pedal away with your knees tucked up. I was given a bike like that some years ago and I felt silly. Keep letting us have your insights ~ Paul M Johnstone

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