How to Create A Blog – Part 1. 5 Key Questions

This is my 100th blog posting!  Over time what was at the forefront of marketing has become an expected requirement of doing business.  Most people realise that a pre-requisite of being professional is to have a web-site.  This has now moved on to an acceptance that you really should also be writing a blog.  Why?  To raise your profile as a thought-leader, generate interest and provide a lead nurturing and sometimes lead generation tool.  So, it’s all very well to say “I should write a blog” but what do you write about?  Before you think about that challenge, first lay the foundations.

Step 1 is to  develop your blog strategy. Ask yourself these questions:-

1. What is your blog aiming to do?

2. Who is your target audience? Who do you want to read your blog?  I was delighted when a potential client told me that he had adjusted his company’s firewall just to receive my blog!

3.  What do you want your blog to say about you and your business? Whether it be that your business represents a “Safe pair of hands” or that you are creative, challenging and fun to work with (not forgetting that it may be both!).

4.  What structure, if any, do you wish to have?  I started by just writing about my experiences in setting up my coaching and consulting business.  What went well, what resources I had found and my learnings.  This has developed into a set of themes that I now categorise and write about in a systematic way.   These categories, shown on the right,  are based on my answers to the next question.

5.  What will your target audience be interested in?  As much as you may be enamoured about a particular topic, always having your audience’s interest in mind will ensure you include the answer to “why should they read this?” in your summary.

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And for those who prefer listening

Future Events:

The Leadership Forum, Colchester, 19th June – Discover Your Digital Buying Process.  Previous attendee feedback ” I really found the Leadership Forum to be different from the other networking groups I’ve been involved in. The discussion session was very thought-provoking and I met a lot of people I had not met before. I will definitely try to get to further events.”, Tracey, Senior Mngr, RBS.   The last Leadership Forum until September!


Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute.  One of my professional colleagues recommended this book and so it is now on my reading list.  Have you read it?  What do you think of it?

Lighter Reflections

On my return from working in Istanbul, I have decided the time has come to start my cycle training.  It has taken a little while to get going as I realised on getting my “Pack” from the Charity, that I needed a mountain bike.  Now I already have 2 bikes.  The first is my wonderful Dutch delivery bike that I couldn’t bear to part with when I returned from The Hague.  The second is my road bike that my husband bought me.  This gift came when I finally accepted that I couldn’t bear to continue cycling my massive Dutch bike up and down our English lanes.  Neither are suitable for my next adventure, so I now have a third bike. Our home is now decorated with bikes, in the garage and the house creating the illusion that we are an active, health-conscious and fit family!

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