How to use Social Media to add customer value

The benefits of social media tend to focus on  marketing and networking.  Finding new customers, building relationships with potential new customers and raising your profile.  There are, however, other benefits that can be derived by using social media to add value to your important clients and customers.  Why?  The more value you deliver, the stronger the relationship and more loyal your customer.  Here are some ways to give a little bit more to your customer, providing them with benefits and demonstrating how important they are to you.

1.  Follow them on Twitter, be friends on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn if they have profiles in these social media.  If not, then show them the benefits, even if it means showing them how their competitors are using social media better!

2. Retweet their tweets, respond to their discussions and promote their activities to your audience.

3.  Forward articles, connections and events that you feel would be of interest to them.  Don’t overload them but send them an article and ask them if they found it useful and if they would like you to continue to forward anything you believe they would value.

Most people consider these activities for lead nurturing, however, your best relationships are with your current clients.  Looking after them will mean they remain your customer for longer, will keep you at the top of their mind and, you never know, they may even refer you to others more readily as well.

Recommended Reading:  The book for May is  The Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni which follows his other excellent work The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  Have you read it?  What do you think?

Future Events:

Highflyingdivas, Colchester 15th May – 4 Marketing Search Paradigms for 2012 Previous attendee feedback ” The last one was excellent – looking forward to this event”, Kate, Partner, PR Company

Highflyingdivas, London, 29th May – How to manage your emotions in tricky situations Previous attendee feedback ” This was genuinely an excellent evening – full of intelligent, talented women with great potential”, Helen, Chief Executive, Leadership Training Consultancy

The Leadership Forum, Colchester, 19th June – Discover Your Digital Buying Process.  Previous attendee feedback ” I really found the Leadership Forum to be different from the other networking groups I’ve been involved in. The discussion session was very thought provoking and I met a lot of people I had not met before. I will definitely try to get to further events.”, Tracey, Senior Mngr, RBS

Lighter Reflections:  We were sitting in front of the T.V on Sunday evening, eating crisps watching something mind-numbing and discussing what we were going to do on the Bank Holiday Monday.  The phone rang at 9.45 p.m and James answered.  From his conversation it became clear that a) it was Guy’s tutor and b) Guy was not supposed to be ensconced on the settee but back at School Registration.  Apparently his school doesn’t get a Bank Holiday!  James claimed he had looked at the website but not found anything that commanded Guy’s return.  No prizes for his tutor realising where Guy’s organisational abilities come from.

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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