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3 Top Tools from the archives

I have had numerous conversations over the last few weeks during which my followers talk about a challenge that I have found can be solved via a tool I have mentioned in an older blog.  So, here are 3 top … Continue reading

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3 Magic Questions to motivate your people

My client is new to her leadership role and so I shared the 3 questions she could ask each of her new team members in her first 1-2-1 meeting with them. Why? These questions focus on what is important to the business, the individuals and aligns the leader and employee to both of those goals. This increases motivation, job satisfaction and productivity. Continue reading

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How to use Social Media to add customer value

The benefits of social media tend to focus on marketing and networking. Finding new customers, building relationships with potential new customers and raising your profile. There are, however, other benefits that can be derived by using social media to add value to your important clients and customers. Why? The more value you deliver, the stronger the relationship and more loyal your customer. Here are some ways to give a little bit more to your customer, providing them with benefits and demonstrating how important they are to you. Continue reading

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