3 Useful No-Cost Apps

When you are mobile, you still need to stay in touch with your business and continue your professional service.  These three mobile apps can save time, money and your professional credibility.

1.  Instapaper is a tool that allows you to save web pages to read later.  In effect, a bookmark.  As it saves time using wi-fi, it also saves money.  For iphones and ipads.

2. Aroundme.  This app can find the nearest electrical shop (when your batteries are low), bank (when you need cash), restaurant (when you need sustenance) or anything else, wherever you may be.  Saving time and ensuring you stay professional. For iphones, ipads and androids.

3.  Ever needed to connect and not been able to find free WiFi?  Meet JiWire which does exactly that.  For iphones and androids.

Do you have some favourite free mobile apps that you find useful for your business?  Let us know!

The Week:  Central Essex Community Services hosted The Leadership Forum on Tuesday, the Insight Presentation for which was “How to motivate your employees and teams”.  Yet again we welcomed new businesses which ensures the peer-to-peer mentoring stays fresh with different perspectives and experiences.  On Thursday I attended The Sound Financial Group‘s seminar on What next for the Global Economic Mess?  with another Leadership Forum member.  We were both informed and entertained by the Chief Economist of HSBC.

Future Events:

Highflyingdivas, Colchester 15th May

Highflyingdivas, London, 29th May – How to manage your emotions in tricky situations

The Leadership Forum, Colchester, 19th June

Recommended Reading The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker who provides practical guidance on focus, role and relationships.

Lighter Reflections.  Yet again I am thanking a local driver.  It must be everyone’s nightmare to be calmly driving down the road when a cat suddenly dashes across in front of you, closely followed by a large black dog with a woman, in business suit and red fluffy slippers, in close pursuit.  The neighbour’s cat was in a stand-off with ours in the back garden.  I opened the door to let Baron out and then witness him bounding off after said invading cat in the guise of protecting Moshi.  I believe that Baron looks on our cat, Moshi as “mine” and every other animal as “cat”, to be duly chased and harassed.  He returned to receive appropriate nose-rubbing thanks from Moshi and scolding from me.  Thank you local driver for being alert and apologies for the shock of the sudden appearance of cat, dog and mad woman.

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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