18 Top Time Management Tips

Nearly all of my clients struggle with finding enough time to focus on the important but maybe not so urgent matters.  They also find the sheer size of their task list a challenge, whether an owner/manager, a business leader of an SME or a Corporate Executive.  Every day we are expected to do more in less time.  So here are 3 time management links from the archives that may help put you back in control of your workload.

1.  Tips from business leaders attending The Leadership Forum

2. Tips for email overload – specific tips for managing the time you spend on email

3.  More Time Management tips – 10 further tips from the archives

The Week:  Another great Highflyingdivas Forum hosted by The Home Office on Tuesday, where I gave the Insight Presentation on Taming Your Gremlin.  One of the comments was ” the format creates such a supportive and productive environment”.

We also reached 200 members on our LinkedIn Group at Highflyingdivas

Recommended Reading The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker who provides practical guidance on focus, role and relationships.

Lighter Reflections:  As I tweeted, I received the most unusual reason for someone cancelling a meeting.  They had to go to identify a body.  Nice to know that a dead body is preferable to meeting me.  I also had the pleasure of watching my son in his Combined Cadet Force parade on Friday which reminded me of that saying “Why is everyone out of step except my Johnny?”.  Actually, the Air Commander was amazed at how everyone was in step, without a band or other support.  He also told Guy that he was “very smart with great shiny boots”.  We won’t mention Guy’s poor dad spending hours with a damp cloth, water and wax in the lead up to the parade.  To be fair the boots were then handed over, a week before the parade, for further care by their owner.

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