How to get more customers – the 5/5/5 approach

I was talking to a client the other day who is, as most of us are, concerned with finding more clients and ensuring that the sales pipeline is full with quality contacts.  We discussed how he could motivate all of his employees into supporting the marketing activity (rather than leaving it to him as the leader).  I shared my 5/5/5 approach which he is now adopting.  Why adopt it?  It ensure focus on getting the business in, motivates the team and provides some structure and process to the activity.  So, what is it?

1.  If you have a team, you get them together every morning for 5 minutes.  During this time you set everyone up with the following tasks.

2.  For the next 50 minutes, each person has to:-

  • Find 5 potential leads
  • Make 5 calls
  • Follow up on 5 calls

Yes that’s 15 leads.  5/5/5 in 50 minutes.  Then each day after, you share progress during the 5 min team marketing.  Of course, you can bring some fun into the activity with some tasks for those who don’t manage to do their 5/5/5.  For example, they make the teas and coffees for the rest of the day.  Then rewards and recognition for those who do manage the 5/5/5/ and special recognition for any who go on to close the sale.

Why the first hour of the day?  This is when many potential clients are actually in their office.  It gets the most important activity underway before other priorities crowd the agenda.  The team are more likely to be motivated and focused.  You, the leader get some support and all of this can build a strong and healthy pipeline.  You may wish to adapt it slightly for your business and culture but why not try it out and let me know how you get on?

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The Week:  All one-to-one meetings this week, with potential partners, clients and suppliers.  Keeping regular contact really does keep you top of mind with people and if you can help them, they invariably also look to help you.

Recommended Reading.  I am going to move to recommending a book a month in the future. I am starting to have a veritable pile of them to catch up on and think that you have been collecting these titles, you are probably in a similar position.  So for the rest of the month it is The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker who provides practical guidance on focus, role and relationships.

Lighter Reflections  I have two reflections this week relating to my running.  I started the New Year resolution with an intention to resume my running programme.  This was going well until the snow arrived, when I persuaded myself that it was too dangerous to continue.  Wise thoughts you may think until you learn that I actually have a treadmill.  Well, two weeks later.  Yes I do assure you we had snow for at least two weeks in Essex, I resume my training.  Well I would truly meaningful like to thank all those kind drivers who slow down and wave me across whichever road I am reaching.  Truly.  If they were outside the car, they would hear me puffing my way up to the road crossing and probably hear my plaintive thoughts of “please let there be a car so that I have to stop.”  This can become quite a chant in my head.  When I get to the road, I have to give a sickly grin in appreciation as a smiling driver slows down and graciously waves me across the road so that I don’t have to stop running.  Well, thank you very much. 

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