3 great leadership guru videos

We are in the information age and are bombarded with what is available.  So whom should you seek out and follow?  There are 3 great leadership gurus who have written books, write blogs and produced videos. Sometimes it is easier to watch a video rather than always reading and there are no costs involved.  So here are 3 leadership gurus worth following.

1.  Tom Peters.  His blog is at http://www.tompeters.com/  This is an interview with Tom in which he advises how to hire the right people.

2.  Daniel Pink.  His blog is at http://www.danpink.com/

Dan uses a great approach to talking about what motivates people at work and home.

3.  Seth Godin.  Blog at http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ Seth talks about standing out in this video.

If you want my e-book on business success 

The Week:  On Monday I attended an INSPIRE seminar given by Paul Dunn and hosted by Lucentum in Chelmsford.  Not only useful business tips but an introduction to the great idea of Buy1Give1 which companies can adopt.  Basically it sets up that every time a customer buys something,  social good is achieved by investment in a range of worthwhile projects.  These range from providing clean water in some countries to a goat in another.   http://www.b1g1.com   Then another Highflyingdivas Forum in London this week, hosted by Pritchard Englefield.  Alison Mackenzie of Accenture gave an inspiring presentation on her journey and key insights to a group of 18 senior female executives from sectors such as banking, legal, marketing, telecoms and many more.

Reading for the Week: 

Having shown some videos, I am now recommending you read a book and this week it is Daniel Pinks “Drive” which is the longer version of the topic covered in his video.

Lighter Reflections:  My second challenge this year was to fly in a plane piloted by my husband James.  This may not seem a challenge until you realise that the first time he took me mountain hiking, we came down on the wrong side of the mountain and had to walk 9 miles to the car.  Not to mention when he took me ski-ing, which story I will save for another blog.  Anyway, it was a glorious day and we flew up over the beautiful countryside.  James is training to become a flying instructor and he told me a story which shows the similarities between coaching and instructing.  In coaching you always seek to ensure your coachee finds their answers through your questioning.  James told me of a fellow instructor who was supervising his trainee pilot.  They were on the run back to the airfield and the following conversation occurred.

Instructor Q. “What do you normally look for, to guide your direction to the airfield?”.  The pilot replied “Oh, I always turn when I see the geese on the local farm”.  Pause.

Q. “What month of the year is it?”. Reply: “December”.

Q: “What happens in December?” Longer pause then reply: “Umm Christmas?”

Longer pause then pilot asks “The geese aren’t there any more are they?” Reply.   “No”.

Pilot asks:  “Should I have turned by now?”  Reply:  “No, you should have turned 5 minutes ago”.

I wonder what might have happened if the trainee pilot had never realised that the geese were no longer there.  Would they still be flying out into the sunset even now?

Future Forum Dates:

Highflyingdivas, London, 20th March

Leadership Forum, Maldon, 27th March – Motivating People & Teams

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