3 Useful Business Weblinks

I am sharing a some more free online tools that you may find useful in managing your workload and business.

1.  If you send out links to your website, events, articles etc, they can start to become very long.  I found www.shorturl.com a useful resource.  There are rules around not using it for email marketing etc,  however, if you wish to just send a shorter link to a contact, this tool is helpful.

2.  If you have multiple email addresses and devices, it can become quite cumbersome to manage all of your contacts.  www.dubhub.com offers a free contact integration and syncing tool called Circleback which keeps everything up to date and easily accessible.

3.  With open sourcing, there are many free alternative tools to the well-known commercial ones.  www.osalt.com offers links to a number of them and even offers the choice for you to type in the name of the product to find a low-cost or free alternative.

All of these suggestions help you manage your business more effectively.  Find out more by downloading my e-book on 10 ways to grow your business

The Week:  Monday was spent carrying out my Non-Exec Director role and Tuesday involved marketing and service development.   Client coaching on Wednesday and a day’s leave on Thursday.  Friday spent preparing for Highflyingdivas next week and The Leadership Forum on the 21st Feb which is now fully booked.

Reading for the Week.  The last two blogs have focused on appraisals, so the reading this week is “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High”
 by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler which is now out in  its 2nd edition.  The book helps leaders to build relationships while discussing the most difficult subjects.

Lighter Reflections.  My day’s leave was spent at a Spa.   Not at the usual misnomer of a hotel that happens to have a small pool and a sauna but one with over 10 treatment areas ranging from the Tyrolean Sauna to a Japanese Salt Room.  Everywhere you walked there were signs saying “Quiet Please” and “Ssh people relaxing” which did nothing to deter the groups of gangly giggling girls and coach-trip grannies.  I seemed to be chased from one steam room to the next by one set of Director’s wives.  I struggled to meditate and achieve that sense of inner calm against the background of a discussion  on kitchen units in the Indian Blossom room, to antiques and other collections in the Turkish Haman to living overseas in the Greek Herbal room.  There seemed to be a tussle for leadership between two ladies which  ended by the obvious crowning of one of them as Queen Bee.  Her right to leadership was won when she pronounced “I think its time to leave” and was dutifully followed by her entourage of meek ladies falling into line.  The effect was slightly spoiled by her wearing a plastic shower cap.

Future Forum Dates:

Highflyingdivas, Colchester 7th  Feb

Leadership Forum, Ipswich 21st Feb

Highflyingdivas, London, 20th March

Leadership Forum, Maldon, 27th March

More at:


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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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One Response to 3 Useful Business Weblinks

  1. Very useful links Rosemary. Thanks ever so much!

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