How to make your appraisal a great success

Last week I talked about giving an appraisal that motivates the appraisee and enhances both productivity and your relationship.  This week, it’s all about how you can prepare and receive an appraisal that is focused on your goals and strengths.  Here are my tips:-

1.  Before the appraisal.  Look at your job description and prepare examples of all the great actions you have taken to demonstrate fulfillment.  Research the market and find out how many other opportunities might be out there and their salary ranges.  This is not that you wish to leave or even threaten to, merely to show that you have an external awareness of your position.  If you have competency frameworks, look at the next level up and develop your evidence of working at that level.  Collect positive feedback from those around you to use as recommendations and testimonials.

2. During.  Focus on your strengths and show how they align with your Line Manager’s and the organisation’s goals.  Be specific about what you want to achieve in the next year and ask your Line Manager to support you.  Ask the question “What do I need to do to demonstrate to you that I can………”.(fill in the blank with your goal).  Then, “How will you take this forward when I do ………. by ……….?”.  Get a goal and commitment.

3.  After.  Send an email outlining your discussion, agreements and goals and ask for regular review/support sessions.  This will keep your Line Manager focused on your goals and keep the momentum up.

Let me know how you get on and what works for you.

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The Week:  A couple of early mornings this week which reminded me of life before C C Consulting! On Monday I travelled to London for a discussion on developing a Leadership Development Programme.  I joined the TLG networking group on Tuesday morning.  A similar but less rigorous network to BNI.  Up to Cambridge on Wednesday to join a CBI roundtable discussion on supporting medium-sized businesses in the East of England. Some coaching on Thursday and an FSB event to meet Colchester MP Bob Russell  on Friday.  My interview was published online at   and I have organised a few more Highflyingdivas Forum events, shown below.  Finally, further work on my Board Level Behaviours & Competencies Masterlcass and the  Art of Chairing programme.

Reading for the Week:  As it is the end of the month, I am summarising the recommended books for the last few weeks.

  1. Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People by  Stephen R Covey.
  2. Shift from One to Many, A Practical Guide to leadership by Chrismon Nofsinger
  3. Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business by Jon Steel

Lighter Reflections.  If anyone is wondering where the Mission Impossible squirrel has gone – he’s in our garden.  He has developed the art of wrapping  his tail around a branch and, hanging upside down, working his way along to the bird-feeders.  He then folds his body around them and empties them, first from one side, then the other.  Another group of visitors is the local pheasant and his harem.  Every year we get these tourists who come and shelter from the hunters.  As our garden is surrounded by farmland, they seem to instinctively know that our island is a safe haven.  We get a great deal of pleasure pressing our noses up at the window to watch these scenes.  That is, James, me, the dog and cat, all in a row.  James and I coo and aah, whilst our furry friends growl and grumble at the invasion and their inability to “play” with these new friends.

Future Forum Dates:

Highflyingdivas, Colchester 7th  Feb

Highflyingdivas, London, 28th Feb

Leadership Forum, Ipswich 21st Feb

Highflyingdivas, London, 20th March

Leadership Forum, Maldon, 27th March

Highflyingdivas, London, 17th April

Highflyingdivas, Essex, 15th May

Leadership Forum, Essex, 19th June

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2 Responses to How to make your appraisal a great success

  1. lkafle says:


  2. Thank you for recommending The Shift From One to Many to your readers. Leadership is no easy task and it sounds like you have taken on the challenge of helping other realize their dreams; by managing their need for credit (ego) and recognizing the brilliance in others. Awesome.

    Respectfully, Dr. Chrismon Nofsinger.

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