Is your business using virtual marketing?

In today’s world we continue to “push” our message out and now have a myriad of different channels.  Direct mail, email marketing and social media.  We are encouraged to use webinars, podcasts, write white papers, blogs, give presentations and seminars, network etc etc.  It soon becomes a huge enterprise just to send out one message through all of these channels.  Athough of course there are many more services offering to help you with this.

If, however, you look closely at your target market and their preferred method of receiving information, you will be able to prioritise the approach, saving your customer time and saving your business money.   I have written in a previous post about communication styles and adapting your own to suit that of your customer.  (How to communicate effectively).   If your market is technology-savvy or innovative, then perhaps you should also consider virtual marketing.  Here are some virtual ways you could consider.

1.   Marketing message to prospects.  If you wish to send a one way message to a specific person or list, then a webcast is an up and coming tool.  You record your video and then send the link to your recipients.

2.  Marketing meeting with small number of people.  Skype or some other computer-linked visual technology.   For a larger audience in multiple locations and for a more sophisticated delivery, for example a sales presentation, a webconference with a selected number of people who can interact should be considered..

3.  Interactive open marketing event.  If you wish to send your message to a market and have anybody elect to join, then a Webinar is a useful channel.  Webinars save everyone the time and expense to travel to a location for a more traditional seminar..

Most people believe that a face-to-face meeting is the most effective way to market.  Indeed, sales people will have a goal in mind when they first start the process.  Usually this is to get a meeting. In these days when people frequently buy cars, holidays and other expensive items on the internet though, is the meeting still the best and only way to market?  Ask any Manager and the challenge of time will always arise.  So how much time, and expense, is wasted in setting up meetings and presentations?  What if your customer doesn’t really “need” to see you, to make a decision?  Is it you who needs the meeting rather than your customer?  Maybe virtual marketing might be the answer.

And for the audio

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The Week:  A couple of days to clear up some admin and start reconnecting with people.  Then I gave a speech to Soroptomists International in Ipswich on Wednesday evening. Four meetings on Thursday and back to service development on Friday.  Happy to set some more Highflyingdiva and Leadership Forum dates shown below.  I also came across a new e-book about financial opportunities for women-owned businesses that will be published if a 1,000 subscribers register for it.  It is called  Women’s Business Finance Guide ebook.  Register for your free copy.

Reading for the Week:  As it is still the first Month in 202 I am featuring “Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People” by  Stephen R Covey.  It is based on his best-selling book and gives a thought for each day.  I particularly like the “If we want to change a situation ……..we first have to change our perceptions”.

Lighter Reflections.  I felt a bit guilty on Sunday and wish to apologise to my neighbours.  My husband and I are fans of the new Sherlock Holmes series on TV.  Sunday’s episode featured The Hound of the Baskervilles.  Now people who know me or read my blog know that I have a big black dog.  I can touch his head without bending down (no I am not a dwarf).  He stands 74cm at the shoulder and doesn’t need a chair to sit at the dining table.  For this reason he believes he has a rightful position at the dinner table which we have to correct at every meal.  Anyway, I couldn’t resist letting him out into the garden and as it was a full moon, we watched Sherlock Holmes accompanied by our hound baying at the moon outside.  A certain realistic touch I thought but apologies to any nervous neighbours and their young offspring who felt the Hound outside their window was not necessary to the enjoyment of the film.

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