The 3 Ps to Business Success

Happy New Year!  So do you have those all important New Year Business Resolutions?  There are three Ps to achieve business success that are useful in creating focus and aligning your decisions and actions to goals.  They are:-

1.  Purpose.  What is the purpose of your business?  What are you delivering and why?  Think benefits and your “big-picture” that forms the reason for your spending time and energy every day.

2.  Plan.  How are you going to achieve your goals and deliver your purpose?  Others refer to this as strategy, or the how of reaching  your goals.  What do you have already and what do you need?

3.  Process.  What do you need to do on each step of the journey to your goals.  What are the tasks, targets and milestones that you can monitor and measure your progress against?

Why consider these 3 Ps?  Being clear about your objectives helps you communicate to others, keep the real priorities at the head of the “To Do” list and divides the journey into measurable steps.  What are your 3 Ps and can you say them now, smoothly and succinctly?

For those who prefer sound – the audio

The Week:  The week has made a promising start to 2012. I had a business planning day in London on Wednesday during which two further opportunities were discussed.  On Thursday, another client meeting with a further 2 opportunities.  It was interesting to talk about a potential new service with a fellow consultant in the morning, and then have a contact calling me to ask  if I could deliver the very same service to a prospect of theirs in the afternoon! No networking this week but I have enjoyed sending out my latest article published in HR Director in December.  Send me a request via my website if you would like a copy. Click contact

I also came across a new idea – advertising in e-books and have arranged a special offer for my readers of a full-page ad in a book to be published at the end of January.  The offer gives a massive discount of £1,000, giving a price of £250 for a standard page.  To find out more contact and mention my name.  You need to be quick though.  More details at

Reading for the week:  Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business by Jon Steel.  Although coming from an advertising background, Jon applies his approach to all types of presentation warning us away from “death by Powerpoint”!.

Lighter Reflections.  Well it is a week or so since Christmas and I know I was particularly pressured during December.  I did decide that I was not going to bombard people’s’ inboxes with seasons greetings as everyone has enough to do without opening copious notes of well wishes. Normally, though, I like to send my Christmas cards with a message tailored to each person to family and friends.  This year I asked James to help for the first time in our 25 years together.  Well it seemed to be going well as he mentioned that he had bought another supply of festive cards.  That is until my mother came on Boxing Day and mentioned that she hadn’t received a card this year.  “Must have got lost in the Christmas post” my dutiful husband replies.  Two days later, Mother returns with “Your Auntie Annie was disappointed not to get your card this year – she always looks forward to your photo of Guy”.  I look at husband and he responds “Well I didn’t know you wanted to send them to everyone in our address book.  I believe that his philosophy is “If you don’t want a job, do it badly the first time you are asked”.  This has worked well for me in that I regularly burn toast (well that’s my excuse!) and James now cooks all our meals, far better than I could ever hope.  So, if you did not receive your card from us, as it must have got lost in the Christmas post, here is one for the New Year.

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