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How to make your appraisal a great success

Last week I talked about giving an appraisal that motivates the appraisee and enhances both productivity and your relationship.  This week, it’s all about how you can prepare and receive an appraisal that is focused on your goals and strengths.  … Continue reading

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6 Questions that deliver great appraisals

I have given tips on employee assessment and engagement but as many of my clients are now in “appraisal time”, I thought it would be useful to highlight a couple. Getting appraisals right can increase motivation and thereby performance.  When … Continue reading

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Is your business using virtual marketing?

In today’s world we continue to “push” our message out and now have a myriad of different channels.  Direct mail, email marketing and social media.  We are encouraged to use webinars, podcasts, write white papers, blogs, give presentations and seminars, … Continue reading

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The 3 Ps to Business Success

Happy New Year!  So do you have those all important New Year Business Resolutions?  There are three Ps to achieve business success that are useful in creating focus and aligning your decisions and actions to goals.  They are:- 1.  Purpose.  … Continue reading

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