Email Tools to Support Your Business

As your business grows, you may well start to look at email marketing as one of the ways to reach your target customers.  Starting with freely available services will provide a chance to both understand how it all works and to tailor your strategy.  After all, we have all come across those apparent masters of email marketing.  Clever enticing emails that offer insightful advice which immediately arrives by return.  These are followed up with regular repeat emails that start to build rapport.  So how is it done without costing a fortune in either subscription fees or additional admin?  Here are three free email sources to get you started on the trail of effective emailing, whether or not you are in the office.

1.  Free for up to 100 contacts or 500 emails a month. This site is the best for starters with its easy to use templates.  It imports contacts from Outlook and has google analytics integration.  As your contact lists grows, you can upgrade to a reasonably priced service.

2.  Free for up to 500 contacts and 5,000 emails a month.  The only downside is that you cannot remove their company logo from the email without paying to do so.  Offers google analytics integration but not importing contacts from Outlook.  Still a good service though.

3.  As the site says, store up to 2,000 subscribers,  send up to 12,000 emails per month. No expiring trials. No contracts.  Scores highly in reviews and offers contact management, importing/exporting, website forms etc. Only downside is there is no telephone customer support.

Here is the audio

The Week:  The end of this year seems to be increasing in workload rather than tailing off towards Christmas.  This week, I held a client coaching session on Monday and then travelled to Plymouth to deliver another 2 day workshop on Being a Trusted Advisor.  Thursday was a CECS day and two business coaching workshops on Friday.  In the morning in Cambridge and the afternoon in Essex.  Whew!

Reading for the week:  Why not download my e-book on people management this week?

Lighter Reflections:  I have reflected on three examples of how we, the masses, will take action into our own hands if we get to the stage of finding that we have had enough and something is no longer acceptable.  The first evidence was on my return to the UK from the Netherlands.  On leaving in 2006, you got behind the wheel of  your car, buckled up and checked your scowling “Don’t mess with me” face in the mirror.  In overtaking stationery cars with oncoming traffic, it was a game of “chicken” won by whoever drove faster or, even better, had the biggest car.  On my return, I note that normal drivers have returned to respecting each other and almost always raise an appreciative thank you hand, even when it is their right to drive through.  (Well, I am assuming it is an appreciative hand!).  This week some youngsters got on my return train from Plymouth.  They were shouting and swearing.  Almost immediately the guard announced that bad language and noise would not be tolerated in any carriage.  One woman told them off as she was leaving and then another man asked them loudly and politely “to tone it down a bit”.  It seemed to be a group response to them.  Then I watch the mass sit-ins in protest at the corporate, and particularly the bankers’, behaviour.  It makes me think that in the next generation, we might no longer need to carry the women in leadership equality flag.  It will no longer  be an issue for the those who will regard equality as a given.  What will we protest about then I wonder?


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  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you for the insight info. Highly appreciated!

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