How to increase productivity from training by over 60%

How many times do you hear that someone has been on a training course, returned and said “that was interesting” and then shown no sign of adopting any of the learning?  I believe that we haven’t learnt until we have changed and this week I came across some powerful research that proves how to ensure that the training budget isn’t just a good idea but a waste of time and money.  So three tips or ensuring that the training budget goes through to bottom-line profits.

1.  Training has to be incorporated into personal development goals.  A clear summary of  a) what was learnt, b) what does it mean for the individual, c) what actions will they take and d)how will we know – targets and milestones.  All, preferably in a Personal Development plan.

2.  Training is best absorbed in small chunks with coaching.  A 1997 study of 31 public-sector managers by Olivero, Bane and Kopelman found that a training  programme along increased productivity by 28% but the addition of follow-up coaching to the training increased  productivity by 88%.  It is difficult to remember all that you have learnt in a training course when you get back to the ranch and fall back into the hectic routine of delivery.

3.  The leader’s role is to positively refocus the individuals on their learning and their new behaviours at regular intervals. This supports the trainee to reflect on their learning and once again bring that training into the forefront of their minds.  Learning and changing behaviours takes time and energy before it becomes second nature.  As Peter Drucker says “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.  The most pressing task is to teach people how to learn”.

The article by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz called The Neuroscience of Leadership contained much of this research.

Here is the audio

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The Week:  On Monday I delivered Workshop 3 to the young entrepreneurs at the University of Essex.  This session focused on Who do we sell to and how?  We held The Leadership Forum on Tuesday looking at the strategic values discipline model and how it applies to the SME business owners  present.  Wednesday and Thursday were content building/catch up days as I will be away delivering to a major retail bank all of next week. Friday saw breakfast at Prested Hall for the networking group Colchester Connected, followed by an evenings celebration at CECS saying thank you to the employees/shareholders of our social enterprise.

Reading for the week:  One of the Highflyingdivas recommended this book.” You Already Know How to Be Great: A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential” by Alan Fine.   A statement from the book is that the biggest obstacle in performance is not knowing what to do, it is doing what we know. i.e. the problem is not about knowledge acquisition it is about knowledge execution.

Lighter Reflections.  Anyone who knows me will not immediately think of me as a massive fan of the colour pink.  I only have one or two pieces of pink in my wardrobe and even refer to the colour as the opposite representation of professionalism at the Highflyingdiva Forums, stating “we don’t do fluffy or pink here.”  Don’t ask me why I have this unjustified and pejorative view of the colour.  Now, however, I have to adjust my affinity to pink.  Why?  My son has reached the same size, height and foot size as me.  I have run out of socks, black fleeces and trainers as my husband automatically puts them all in Guy’s drawer.  Now, I know that many of  you are thinking “she should be so lucky that her husband  puts the washing away “.   Well yes but I was less appreciative when I found that he had written Guy’s name in giant letters inside my working waterproof raincoat .  Whenever I put my coat on at a business meeting, everyone there thinks I have stolen it from my son.    So, the only way I can ensure anything remains for me, is to adopt the colour pink.  So I now have pink slippers, fleeces, socks and T-shirts etc.  I am on the lookout for other women who have suddenly turned out all in pink as I am sure this is a stage we all have to go through with sons.

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