So what is Crowdfunding?

I had just got to grips with Crowdsourcing – an internet way of finding freelance people for specific tasks when I now hear all about Crowdfunding.  So, what is it, when do you use it and how does it work, where to go for more information.

  1. What is it?  It is an internet based funding service.  Basically anyone can post their details if they are interested in receiving funding for their idea.  It is on the internet and open to anyone who is looking to invest and receive more than the current low interest rates.
  2. When do you use it?  If you are having difficulty raising finance or do not want the bother and costs of going to the traditional funding sources, this might be an option.  You agree terms and have the chance to select your investors from those who apply.  In return you are expected to provide rates of interest, or equity such as shares.
  3. There are many websites springing up.  You could take a look at these for both crowdsourcing and crowdfunding –,,

Want a checklist of tips for business success?

The Week:  Monday was content day with updating my brand new website at and developing material for the BigE Startup Workshops which I am running at Essex University for their young entrepreneurs.    Tuesday was a client coaching session and client meeting.  I gave an introductory coaching session on Wednesday which has led to a coaching programme.  Thursday, I ran a Board Development session on the Role of the Board from both business, team and individual perspectives.   Friday was another client coaching session.  I find it so worthwhile when I receive comments such as “you help me remove the barriers” and “you have shown me how I can help myself and dramatically improve performance”.  Not many careers give you that!  Finally I got to hear that one of my clients, Quay West Communications won a CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) annual award.

Reading for the week:  If you know that you ought to be using social media marketing but haven’t started yet and don’t want to spend too much time doing it – this may be the book for you.  “Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day” by Dave Evans will, apparently, introduce you to the basics, demonstrate how to manage details and describe how you can track results.   Have you read it?  What did you think of it?  Know of a better one?

Lighter Reflections:  As my absent-mindedness almost led me to posting my newly bought kippers through the Library door instead of my late book, I reflected on how some sayings become truths as they repeatedly remind us of their key message.  This time around it was the risk of Adding Insult to Injury!  Another time it was Less Haste, More Speed when, after flying out of the house I had to return to bang on the door so that I could retrieve my house-keys.  On Friday, I also added the saying about Trusting Your Instincts to MHLS.  I was happily driving up the M11 to meet a client when I suddenly thought “Do I stay on this road or do I need to go towards Cambridge?”.  I stopped and started to enter the address.  The list came up and I recognised the first name and selected that.  I didn’t check that I had chosen “…….Lane” instead of “……Hill”.  Twenty minutes later I was crawling around Cambridge up one-way streets circling back to my rightful destination.  It didn’t help that I kept passing the same young cyclist who was whizzing up and across the little lanes that were denied to me.  So I guess that everythings’ gone haywire, I need to go back to the drawing board and remember that a stitch in time saves nine.

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One Response to So what is Crowdfunding?

  1. Ian Parlane says:

    The Funding Cricle are an alternative to Crowd Funding see They raised £25k in 48 hours for one of our contacts to fund the development of a prototype of a product.

    Ian M Parlane
    FD Solutions

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