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Laura Morrison is the founder of Yourtelemarketing and is a member of Highflyingdivas and The Leadership Forum.  She shares her words of wisdom on the subject of marketing campaigns.

So… Rosemary has kindly invited me to guest on her blog space. Now this presents me with several dilemmas, not least of which is what to blog about, but how to ensure that I’m as interesting and amusing (without being hilarious) as Rosemary, and then of course whether or not to include the ‘human’ element? Well….best foot forward!

Your Telemarketing Ltd supports small and medium sized business by undertaking the hours and hours of cold calling necessary to generate leads and appointments. If you have a sales team you will definitely want this expensive resource out in front of prospective clients not stuck in the office, stuck on the phone! If you are the sales resource, your valuable time is already split so many ways – networking, bookkeeping, planning, HR, IT etc that, even if you have the desire to cold call, your time would be much more valuably spent in front of prospects or on your core activity, whether that be designing web sites, developing software programmes or coaching our next generation of female leaders!

But Telemarketing is just one element of a direct marketing strategy. Long, long ago, and far, far away, when I was just starting out in this field, it was simple; buy good data, send a headline grabbing letter along with an interesting brochure and sit back and await the rush. If only it was still like that!! Now the process of marketing our businesses is complex. And we have networking and social media thrown into the mix. There is no right or wrong. We need to test different aspects and find out what works for us. Not just how many people we meet, are interested or even become a genuine lead resulting in a formal meeting. The measure must always be the sale, including the value of the sale in comparison to the initial investment. It really doesn’t matter how many people are following us on twitter, how many ‘likes’ we have on facebook, how many connections we have on linkedin, or how many business cards we have collected from networking. The point surely is turning all these connections into real business.

So I have a couple of tips for you:

  1. Know the cost of each and every piece of marketing you do; count the number of leads, the number of sales and the total value of sales from that piece of marketing.
  2. Understand that although the key measure is the total value of sales, that you may only achieve that value through the number of leads initially generated.
  3. Test different campaigns. If you change a campaign, change only 1 thing, so that you can truly measure if that change affects the outcome.
  4. Only undertake marketing campaigns that demonstrate an effective return on investment.

OK, that was more than a couple, but here’s a final one for you. Use an expert. For everything. And I don’t just mean sales and marketing. HR. IT. Design. Bookkeeping. PR. If it’s not your area of expertise,  outsource it and focus on what you know best. See more of Laura’s blogs at

For a copy of a free report on the 10 ways to grow your business highflingdivas

The Week:  I am delighted to announce two new initiatives this week.  The first is my debut as a speaker at Essex University.  I am presenting on t he evening of the 25th October and launching a new programme for their entrepreneurs from the 14th November.  I am also delighted that KPMG are launching a Forum in Ipswich on the 1st December.  This will have a similar but slightly different format to the Leadership Forum. On Tuesday we held another successful Leadership Forum on customer perceptions and on Thursday, Highflyingdivas at our first evening event in Maldon.

Reading for the week:  At the Leadership Forum this week the work of Robert Caidini on influence was recommended.  This includes his earlier work Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence: Science and Practice.

Lighter Reflections.  I am away walking the Norfolk Coastal Path this weekend so there are no lighter reflections this week.  Think of me huddled in my fleeces (yes I do intend to wear more than one) battling against the winds and rain – which I am sure will prevail even if the rest of the country has a heat wave.  I will endeavour not to get blown off the cliff and will report back next week.

Future Forum Dates:

November:  Highflyingdivas, London, evening 15th hosted by The Home Office / Leadership Forum, Colchester, a.m 22nd November

More at:

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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