Free Onliine Business Tools

I have come across three useful online tools that I am sharing with you.  These will save you time, provide reader information you would not usually know and allow you to quickly publish your content to multiple locations.

1. tracks visitors to your sites and not just tells you how many visitors but will show you where they clicked and where they spent most of their time.  Through the use of heat maps, you can look at both individual and the most frequented parts of your website.  This will allow you to design/re-design according to level of interest.

2.  This tool allows you to convert anything to a number of different formats without the need to download the software.  Save time, space on your computer and have the ease of functionality in one place.  It converts from and to formats such as images, docs, music, video, e-books and more.

3. allows you to spread a link to multiple site locations with one tool.  So no more copy, paste, search and enter.  Save time and reach a wider base more frequently as well as being able to socially bookmark many sites with one click.

What online tools do you use and how are they useful?

The Week:  On Monday I had the pleasure of introducing two of my strategic partners to each other for the purpose of a mutual tender.  All seems to be going well so fingers crossed. Tuesday was marketing day for lead generation, nurturing and close.  Wednesday was “content” day around service development, research, reading and writing a guest blog on communications in business.  Thursday was a mix of coaching and Board meetings.  Friday another potential strategic partner discussion for Highflingdivas.  Also sent out the invites for the London event, which is being hosted by The Home Office on the 15th November.  The Insight Presentation is “10 tips to get THAT job” which is an extract from my “21 tips” report.   highflingdivas

Reading for the week: My business coach Drew Edwards has recommended this book and so I have dutifully ordered it. The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies by Chet Holmes.  Has anyone read it and what did you think of it?

Lighter Reflections. 
Are we in fact better off with all of the technological advancements that we “benefit” from today?  I remember one time when I actually turned around, missed my train to go home and collect my forgotten mobile phone.  Husband James asked me “Don’t they have phones that you could use in London?”.  I now have an iMac desktop, PC laptop and iPad2.  So, working on a shared tender using Dropbox should present no problems, right?  Well, I got up early this morning to update my document, saved it in Dropbox and left my office with PC and iPad in my bag.  Twenty minutes later, frantic call from tender co-ordinator.  The updated files aren’t in the Dropbox.  I check on my iPad but there is no folder for the Tender (apparently I was invited to join the Dropbox folder from an email other than that linked to my iPad).  I switch on my PC to find that I have no internet connection and an out of date Dropbox.  At this point I phone James and ask him to go into my office, fire up the iMac and look for recent documents to email.  Meanwhile I get a call to say that I have inadvertently saved my file in another document name (goodness knows how I managed to do that!).   So, they had my document but not the original one it had replaced.  Ah, I thought, I have the original on my unsychronized PC… (are you still with me?).  So, it’s copy that onto a USB stick and ask a colleague in the office I am in (who has an internet connection) to email it.  Now, has all that technology helped?  All I know is that this old-fashioned troglodyte needs to have a lie down!  Ooh before I do that, I need to phone James and tell him he can leave my office now.

Future Forum Dates:

October:  Leadership Forum, a.m. 18th , Chelmsford /  Highflyingdivas, Maldon, evening, 20th, hosted by CECS

November:  Highflyingdivas, a.m.  Chelmsford, 8th/ London, evening 15th hosted by The Home Office / Leadership Forum, Colchester, a.m 29th

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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