Time Management Tips from The Leadership Forum

At both the Leadership Forum and Highflyingdiva Forum events, we share tips that we have found useful in managing  our businesses and careers.  Here are few of the technical ones that work for the attendees.  Why? They will save you time, help you focus and prioritise on what is important and, improve productivity.

1.  Have 2 ring tones on your telephone, one for clients and one for everyone else. This allows you to better manage your time and yet remain responsive.

2.  Only have your email application on for a maximum of three times a day.  Then respond to each one immediately during a time set aside for doing so.  In-between times,  put your Out of Office address on, stating that you are currently out of the office but if it is urgent, please ring this number (yes the one using the important ring-tone!).

3.  Enter business development and strategy time into your calendar as if it is a meeting.  Setting aside time will help you focus and prioritise.  Treat the time as if it was a customer meeting and don’t cancel it for other “priorities”.

4.  Keep a track of your time for a week to find out where you waste time and to help you manage it better.

And for the audio click on – Time Management Tips

Learn about other tips to successfully management and  grow your business by requesting this  free report.  (Just click on free report).

The Week:  On Monday I spent some time developing my new website (coming soon!) and then had a meeting with a Federation of Small Businesses Manager.  Signed up as the deal is so beneficial.  I ran a two-day workshop for the HSBC on Tuesday and Wednesday which was highly successful.  Telephone coaching on Thursday and service development on Friday.

Reading for the week.  I have been recommended “The  Tempered Radical” by Deborah E. Meyerson. Tempered Radicals: How Everyday Leaders Inspire Change at Work (Harvard Business School Press), describes employees who believe and work toward creating adaptive, family-friendly, and socially responsible workplaces. Tempered Radicals are quiet leaders that act as catalysts for new ideas, alternative perspectives, and organizational learning and change—and balance company conformity with individual rebellion.  How many tempered radicals do you recognise in your workplace?

Lighter Reflections.  Like most cats, Moshi likes to bring live animals back to the house for indoor play.  What is more unusual is the team dynamics between her and our dog Baron.  The other day, she duly trotted indoors with a brown field mouse, which she then dropped.  It shot off up the chimney.  Some time later it emerged to have the indignity of Baron scooping it up in his mouth, trotting into the next room and dropping it onto his bed, in which lay Moshi. She picked it up and then dropped it again.  Presumably she didn’t appreciate the sooty mouse flavour.  Two days later, Moshi caught another mouse in the garden and then lost it in the long grass.  Beginning to think she is rather inept and clumsy by this stage, Baron stood up, rooted through the grass, caught it, took it back to the path and released it in front of Moshi again. Is this true friendship, teamwork, or Moshi playing a more sophisticated cat and mouse game?

Future Forum Dates:

October:  Leadership Forum, a.m. 18th , Chelmsford /  Highflyingdivas, Maldon, evening, 20th, hosted by CECS

November:  Highflyingdivas, a.m.  Chelmsford, 8th/ London, evening 15th hosted by The Home Office / Leadership Forum, Colchester, a.m 29th

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