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How to LEAD your team

As a business leadership coach and during my years as a management consultant, I have come to realise the true power of a good leader.  A leader who leads from wherever they are from the perspective of enabling others to … Continue reading

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Measuring your marketing

Laura Morrison is the founder of Yourtelemarketing and is a member of Highflyingdivas and The Leadership Forum.  She shares her words of wisdom on the subject of marketing campaigns. So… Rosemary has kindly invited me to guest on her blog … Continue reading

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Free Onliine Business Tools

I have come across three useful online tools that I am sharing with you.  These will save you time, provide reader information you would not usually know and allow you to quickly publish your content to multiple locations. 1.  http://www.clicktale.comContinue reading

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Time Management Tips from The Leadership Forum

At both the Leadership Forum and Highflyingdiva Forum events, we share tips that we have found useful in managing  our businesses and careers.  Here are few of the technical ones that work for the attendees.  Why? They will save you … Continue reading

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How to choose your market

Marketing “gurus” frequently give the following prescription for success.  Create your vision, find a niche market, develop your USP (unique selling point) and then develop your marketing channels.  A niche is a segment of the market which allows you to … Continue reading

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