Using learning styles to develop your team

At the Highflyingdivas Forum this week, I presented an Insight Presentation on NLP for Business.  What struck me is that most people think about styles in terms of understanding customers and maybe less about the value of appreciating the representational systems that employees have and how that can be incorporating into employee development.  What is meant by representational systems?  People have a preference and a primary method by which they sense and understand.

1.  Visual.  People with this preference will talk about how things look and will ask for your view.  They will prefer visual timelines, progress charts and visuals to look at.  The visual learner prefers what is written, including feedback and is happy to develop by reading.

2. Auditory.  People will use words such as “how does it sound to you?”, and “I hear what you say”.  The Verbal Learner likes to be told how they are doing, is interested in what you say and will ask questions and prefer debates.  Pick up the phone or have a meeting with verbal learners and development in classes and via audio works best.

3.  Kinesthetic.  People will ask or talk about how they feel, asking questions such as “do you have a grasp of this? or “Can we get a handle on this?”  The Kinesthetic Learner learns by doing or walking through something.  Feedback works best with demonstrations of how something can be done differently.  Development works best with activities such as role-play and group presentations:

Of course some people may have a mix of two systems.  For the leader, this means noticing which representational systems are displayed and tailoring interaction, training and feedback accordingly.  Why?  Your team will learn faster, be more engaged and more productive.  So, do you know your employees’ preferred learning styles and have your adapted your development of them?  If not, complete the form and request the quiz to find out.

Here is the audio.

The  Week:  Another good week for lead generation, nurturing and close.  Client workshop on Monday where the company has achieved a massive turnaround in their performance, winning new business, motivating their team and hitting targets.  They even took me to lunch to celebrate.  On Tuesday, KPMG hosted a great evening for Highflyingdivas in London.  We had a wonderful turnout from corporate executives, entrepreneurs and SMEs.  On Wednesday I visited Essex University and have agreed to present to their students and develop a Business masterclass programme for their entrepreneurs.  Very exciting.  On Thursday I attended the free Understanding Finance workshop delivered by SJIC. I learnt all about raising finance through banks, grants and equity.  Well worth attending. Friday sees another client workshop.

Reading for the week.  I was reading through some notes and came across this recommendation that I hadn’t registered before.  Steering by Starlight: A Step-by-step Guide to Fulfilling Your True Potential: How to Fulfil Your Destiny, No Matter What by Martha Beck.  I haven’t read it but it does have some good reviews on Amazon.  If you have read it, what did you think of it?

Lighter Reflections.  As I walk around,  I notice little cars perched on driveways with “For sale” signs.  Cards on shop notice boards stating “Room to let”.  Mothers mooching around with depressed faces and men walking with a skip in their step.  Supermarket trolleys are swapped for baskets and dustbins are no longer left overflowing on the roadside waiting for the dustman.  Yes it is that time again, when children go off to University.   On the plus side, home costs have probably dropped. For those with water meters.  Well those with daughters anyway.  The fridge retains its contents for more than nano seconds and electricity usage plummets with the absence of computers either in use or left on standby.  This is of course balanced by the rising phone bills as we call to “see how they are doing” or respond to their demands with “Yes, I did pack that”.  Do we welcome these changes?  Well perhaps for a day or two.

Future Forum Events:

Highflyingdivas, Colchester hosted by LEPRA Health in Action – 27th September

The Leadership Forum, Chelmsford, 18th October

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