Making Recommendations Powerful

Everyone extolls the value of recommendations and indeed on some social media websites it looks like a prolific hobby. There are, however, some tips in securing powerful recommendations. After all, if we see a recommendation how likely are we to take notice of it if we don’t know the person or the organisation? Our natural assumption s that it is from a friend or part of a reciprocal deal. Recommendations are most powerful if they have the following:-

1. Come from a good source. This can be represented in the person’s title or organisation. If the business is small, it can still be described in terms that demonstrate that you (the person being recommended) have experience in that sector. For example, “Jo….., Manager of retail shop in Birmingham”, if this sector and region is representative of your market.
2. The recommendation should include the benefits received from working with you. A little more than “he/she’s great and did a whizz job”. Did you save them time, help them grow – if so by how much?
3. Balanced. If you offer more than one type of service or product, work in many sectors or geographies, recommendations are more powerful if they are representative of those diverse markets. Are all your recommendations from male owner/managers or female network members? Obviously not an issue if this is your niche market but one to be aware of, if your services are offered to a more diverse market.

So next time you look at someone who appears to have a large number of recommendations – do some analysis and see how truly valuable and powerful they are.

And my podcast

The Week: Confirmed interested from The HR Director for an article on the changing relationship between employer and employees and am now looking for HR Directors to interview for their opinions.  I also went to two IOD  (Institute of  Directors) networking evenings, the first in Colchester and the second in London.  On Thursday I spent most of the day in my Non-Exec Director role at CECS (Central Essex Community Services).  Finally had a conversation with a marketing company which promises that I will recoup my expenditure within 3 months or they will refund my fees.  Will keep you posted if I decide to go ahead and how it progresses!

Recommended Reading.  As it is the end of the month, I refer you to the books recommended during August.  This allows you to catch up with any you might have missed.  They can be found on the Communications page of my website.

Lighter Reflections.  As I was driving around on Thursday, I listened to the radio giving coverage to GCSE results.  Son Guy starts senior school soon and will be on the tortuous learning path to exams.  It reminded me of his primary school teacher’s investigations into her charge’s future work aspirations.  When asked what work he wanted to do, Guy replied “What my mummy does”.  His teacher probed “And what does mummy do?”  to which he replied “She sits and plays on the computer all day and talks and sometimes she goes out to have coffee with people”.  Can’t argue with that I suppose!  At least he didn’t echo one small child’s response of “My mummy takes me to school and then goes home to bed”.

Future Forum Dates:

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Highflyingdivas, 13th September, London – NLP for Business (hosted by KPMG)

Highflyingdivas, 27th September, Colchester

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