The 3 elements of business success

There are three elements or dimensions for business success in terms of focus and planning.  Get these right and your business becomes sustainable and you build the foundation for enhanced performance and growth.  They are:-

1.  Strategy.  Where are you going?  What are your goals?  What is your main focus?  What are you aiming for?

2. Marketing.  How are you going to get there?  Using which channels to which audiences in which markets and competing with whom?

3. Teams. Who is going to help you get there?  Are they clear, focused, motivated and aligned?  Do they have the capacity, capability and attitude that is needed for their own and your success?

This does not mean you can forget about operations, production, finance (particularly cash flow), technology etc but they are supporting enablers along the pathway to success.  Do you agree?  Let’s discuss!

And the voice recording
The Week:  I have had one of those creative weeks of waking up early with more ideas than time or money to create them.  Monday focused on sending out invitations to the next three Forums.  We are sharing stakeholder management tools with The Leadership Forum on the 7th September in Colchester and it is really exciting that KPMG are supporting aspiring women by hosting Highflyingdivas in London on the 13th September.  Finally,  LEPRA Health in Action are hosting Highflyingdivas in Colchester on the 27th September.  Went to the KPMG networking lunch on Tuesday. Off to a client meeting in London on Wednesday developing a Client Retention programme and further development, marketing and admin on Thursday and Friday.

Reading for the week:  I read a short extract from a new book which is being published in November of this year  and recommend you put it on your reading list.  “The Language of Leaders” by Kevin Murray which is based on research with 60 leaders of high-profile organisations.  It highlights the increased emphasis on trust, relationships and excellence in communication for today’s leaders.

Lighter Reflections.  I believe I have described the pesky pigeons in my garden in previous blogs.  They are now, however, having a laugh.  Not only do they choose my car specifically as their “poop-deck” but they are leaving the equivalent of crop circle decorations on it.  I kid you not.  They leave their footprints in decorative displays on the roof and bonnet.  I have had a “Zoro” Z, a diagonal stripe (must have been line-dancing for that one), a circle and a necklace arrangement.  Someone knocked on my car window the other day and asked if I lived near ducks because of the design on my bonnet.  These displays usually come the day after I have cleaned the car.  I imagine them waiting in the safety of their trees, saying to each other “OK, party’s on tonight – let’s go wet our feet”.  If I am remiss in cleaning the car they remind me of their presence by cooing down our chimney.  I am sure they came camping with us as we were the only people with 2 pigeons sitting cooing on our tent.  What reaction then when one swooped in front of me as I was driving to the cinema.  I looked in the rear window to see a cloud of pigeon feathers fluttering down on the road.  An accident I assure you.

Future Forum Dates:

Leadership Forum 7th September, Colchester – Relationship Management

Highflyingdivas, 13th September, London – NLP for Business (hosted by KPMG)

Highflyingdivas, 27th September, Colchester

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