How to assess your team

Many of my clients struggle with reaching their goals and frequently come to realise that their teams do not understand the company’s vision or feel that they are a part of it.  Consequently, they are less motivated and less productive than is needed to achieve the targets either set for them or for the business.  I have found that there are three dimensions to assessing each employee.  Do they have:-

1.  Capacity?  Whether or not they have the skills, if they have the capacity to develop, then coaching, training and development can turn them into motivated, happy and productive people.

2. Capability?  Do they have the skills and competencies that are needed for the job?  Is it a question of training that holds them back?

3. Attitude?  This, of course, is the most important.  Without it, capacity or capability are wasted.  Do they want a career or a job?  Of course, for certain roles having capability but not capacity may well be appropriate.  A positive and pro-active attitude, however, is always needed.

If you score your people out of 10 on each of these elements, what do the results tell you? What do you need to do to develop your people into a high-performing team?  One action you can take today is outlined in Tip 2 of an earlier blog How to get the most from your vision.  What is your experience?

Here is the video

And the audio
The Week:  Well it is certainly holiday season as this week has allowed me to focus on development and admin.  A couple of online tools are now on their way to completion, an audio CD for Highflyingdiva and Leadership Forum members and preparations for HFD and LF events for the rest of the year.  SJIC sent an update for any company wishing to find funding to alert them to a free workshop on how to do it.
Reading for the week.  HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Leadership by Daniel Goleman, Peter F. Drucker, John P. Kotter,  Peter M. Senge and many others.  The Harvard Business Review’s collection on leadership articles including all of these great authors.

Lighter Reflections.  Relationships are complex and families are no exception.  It is change consultantoften when we are in the company of others that our idiosyncracies come to light.  We were playing a card game called “Articulate” with some friends.  The objective is for a team member to give clues about a word written on a card, without saying the word.  James, Guy and I were in the same team.  So, James took the first card and asked us “What am I when you’re around?”.  Immediate responses were “grumpy” from me and  “depressed” from Guy.  The word was “Ignored”.  Next question from James “What is the one thing I don’t have?” brought answers of “charm”, “money”, “a job”.  We never knew what the real answer was as everyone fell about laughing.  Two days later James remarked “Another new dress?” as I walked into the bathroom.  “Yes I replied, I feel like wafting about in a floaty dress of late”.  Response came “Your days of Guinevere are truly over.  Let’s face it, no Lancelots are going to come racing over the hill for you mate”.  Later in the supermarket, he told me “Just hover there whilst I go and get some cheese” to which Guy replied “Mum can’t hover, she is too busy wafting!”.  Are we turning into the cast of the tv sitcom “My Family”?

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