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Making Recommendations Powerful

Everyone extolls the value of recommendations and indeed on some social media websites it looks like a prolific hobby. There are, however, some tips in securing powerful recommendations. After all, if we see a recommendation how likely are we to … Continue reading

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The 3 elements of business success

There are three elements or dimensions for business success in terms of focus and planning.  Get these right and your business becomes sustainable and you build the foundation for enhanced performance and growth.  They are:- 1.  Strategy.  Where are you … Continue reading

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How to assess your team

Many of my clients struggle with reaching their goals and frequently come to realise that their teams do not understand the company’s vision or feel that they are a part of it.  Consequently, they are less motivated and less productive … Continue reading

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Tips for creating business videos

In today’s multi-media world, a business is expected to reach out to its audience using all forms of media channels.  This includes videos and the quickest way to ensure a more professional image is to master a few principles.  Similar … Continue reading

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